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How to Start Blogging in Nigeria and Earn Good Cash!

Blogging is a new form of habit or passion-inclined hobby that has turned many Nigerians to millionaires overnight, the likes of Linda Ikeji, Seun Osewa and Makinde Azeez are the popular Nigerian bloggers.
Blogging entails expressing ones penchant globally, it is a form of solving people’s problem because what you blog about is like a problem to some people in some places across the globe, indirectly, a blogger is a problem solver.  Blogging entails writing about any aspect of life like fashion, culture, food, technology, Agriculture, anything human race can’t do without can be a title of a blog.
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Blogging is quite easy to start but the strength of continuation is always questionable. Just like how punctuality is the soul of all businesses, so also uniqueness is the sole of a blog. For a blog to be influential and successful, it has to be unique. This only factor, uniqueness, is what makes most blogs die off. For a blog to stay relevant, it has to house original and unique contents and not plagiarized contents. Making unique contents is what deters most bloggers, this is the herculean aspect of blogging.
Most Nigeria bloggers do run” copy and paste” blog, it means they copy their contents from other blogs and paste on their blog.
Only the few bloggers with unique posts on their blog make money from their blog,
Top Nigerian Blogger – Linda Ikeji
Blogging is of two types, the free blog and hosted blog. The free blog is the type where the blogger doesn’t pay a dime to use the service, it normally comes with “” or”” extension, this type of blog is often regarded unprofessional. The hosted blogs are not fee, you have to pay for the domain services, it an annual payment. The fee varies, depending on the platform you want to use, examples of hosting platforms are, and others. Hosted blogs do have a .com or .ng extension.
However, if you want to money from blogging you have to seriously take note of these prerequisites:
  • Host your domain: Hosting your domain name is very crucial, it makes your blog looks professional and gives you the edge to make money faster especially if you plan to participate in Google AdSense program. Also, as your blog audience grows, by the virtue of your original and unique contents, it becomes investors friendly because hosting gives a sense of seriousness in your blog. Investors are basically advertisers who buy advertising space on your blog. Only a hosted blog enjoys these benefits.
  • Determine your niche: I can say blogging is synonymous to uniqueness, because everything about it dictates uniqueness. Your niche is your area of interest in blog, that is, what you blog about. This where most bloggers crumble, they tend to post anything and everything. This kills your blog concentration. You should create an instinct that drives people to your blog, you have to concentrate on one niche and build it to reach the limelight. There are different niches, like fashion, which encompasses all fashion lifestyles, education niche talks about schooling, entertainment niche about gist and gossip in the environment and so on. So, before you think of blogging, you have to know your niche, this can be known by looking yourself inward to determine what you like doing, what you enjoy doing. This is how to know the niche you can blog about.
  • Get a responsive template design: The design of you blog is key. It gives a good impression about your blog. First impression matters a lot, if your blog design is awful, it discourages people from visiting your blog, even if you have interesting contests therein. Your blog has to be well organized and appealing, good blog design makes a blog look professional. These are what investors look out for, it should be free from unnecessary pop ups and others threats. Your blog design is what greets your blog visitors when they visit, if it doesn’t greet them well, they can leave your blog for good. So ensure you get a good design for your blog .
  • Your content: This is the main work, this is your blog, this is where to test your ability on what you intend to do. Your content is very crucial, it can make or mar your blogging carrier. As a blogger, your objectives are to make your blog relevant in the society and make money from it. Yes! It is achievable with the aid of good blog contents. Not just good but unique blog contents, if you copy and paste blog post, you are merely wasting your time because it is killing your blog softly. A serious-minded blogger will always create a unique post for the chosen niche. The originality of your post makes your blog relevant and attractive, this is what advertiser, especially Google AdSense program, crave for. Unique post is the success factor of all blogs, some bloggers go as high as hiring freelance writers to write creative posts for their blog. Also, your post must be free from all kinds of errors, typographical or grammatical. Your blog should be free from repulsive contents, like abusive posts, porn posts and the likes. All these should be avoided as much as possible. Your contents should be attractive because this builds your audience and increases your traffic.
  • Be strategic: For any business to thrive, certain strategies have to be put in place. As a blogger, you don’t just post original posts, you have to be strategic in writing and posting your posts. A well detailed but concise post is far better than a length but irrelevant post. Before you post any content, ensure it is rich and all-encompassing. Seek knowledge, make adequate research and come out with a refined post, this build confidence in your blog and attract more visitors. Make judicious use of the social media platforms, share your posts on many social media platforms as possible.
These are the necessary factors a potential blogger should consider before delving into the line of blogging. Aside from the aforementioned factors, there are some characteristics a blogger has to develop to be successful in this venture. They are:
  • Sacrifice: At this juncture, I have to be sincere with you. As a blogger, you have to sacrifice many things especially your time, blogging requires time if truly you want to make a way from it. You have to dedicate a lot of time to dish out the best to the populace, you must prepare for uncountable sleepless nights.
  • Consistency: You have to be consistent with your blog posts, you have to post daily. You have to be regular with your blog posts to get more audience.
  • Perseverance: Blogging can inflict pains atimes, you might get ridiculous or rude comments, which tend to discourage you, do not be! Its normal, it is part of the business.
Blogging is interesting, even without money yet, it is fun. The more you blog, the more you become knowledgeable and exposed.
For a new blogger, it is advisable to start with a free blog and practice before professionalizing it. To start a free blog, log on to and get started.

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