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How to Pass Jamb and Gain Admission

One of the greatest desires of any secondary leaver is to Pass JAMB and gain admission into the University. Apparently, this has become a major bottle neck for many people across the nation as it seems this mountain call ‘JAMB’ cannot be defeated, it just remains there and people kept struggling to overcome it.

Today, I want to share practical tips that will help you to come out victorious in your Jamb exam, it is painful when I hear people say, “Ï have written JAMB up to 5 times” this can be so frustrating, and for some people who are not fortunate enough, they quit trying to gain admission and move on to the next phase of life, some get married, some learn apprenticeship, but this situation as already set a limit on their destiny, so it is very crucial that we learn what it takes to pass JAMB, there are too many benefits attached to been able to run your higher education program, it is a training and pruning environment, a lot of people with great virtues and potentials that needs to be pruned ad University is what you get the right mental transformation that sets you apart for the future, someone says “The future belongs to the learned” this is so true! You can only offer a generation that which you know, your knowledge and exposure is a major edge and advantage you have over others, it places you above and set you apart for greatness.

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There are mountains you never thought you can climb and heights you never thought you can attain, until you come out of your training system, with great knowledge gap, mental transformation and healthy exposure, which University offers you, making it easy for you to climb the ladder to greatness.

How to Pass Jamb this Year

#1 You must be Determined: Determination is very powerful, it sets you apart and give you the passion and strength to pursue your goal and get it, you cannot do great things in life without a strong determination, your desire for success must be stronger than your fear for failure, those that excel don’t have two heads, you can also be successful.

You must tell yourself, this Jamb will be a Success, this determination will draw you to commitment of study and seriously, you must set your heart towards your desired result, this is how to get it! I remember about 10years ago, when I wanted to write my Jamb, I have heard a lot of things from people, how that; it is difficult to excel in Jamb, I have also meet a lot of people who failed Jamb over and over again, so most of their comments to me was very terrible, it almost plant fear into my heart, but I refused to give up, I made up my mind that  I was going  to succeed and I studied hard towards it and God helped me, I got it!

Your determination is a force, and it can drive you to excel in whatever you have set your heart to do, including this Jamb exam. Don’t let feedback from Failures discourage you, we are more of what we hear, listen to people’s success story more, it will make you successful, I wrote just one Jamb exam and I passed and gained admission the same year, so you can pass too, if you are determined.


#2 You must Study Hard! This is another non-negotiable fact, you must be studious if you must excel, passing Jamb exam is way beyond just a determination, now that you are determined to succeed, take further step in that direction, go hard on your studies. I remember, I studied the 4 major courses textbook from the first page to the last page, I did not come from a wealthy home, so I knew if I must succeed, I must be hard working, you must go pass your normal reading, come to a point where you don’t cram books, but you can know and understand them, this is the real point! Continuous reading habit can bring out the Giant and genius in you. I was an average student in my secondary school days, but because I wanted to gain admission, I took my time to study for JAMB the way I have never studied for any other exams, and to God be the glory, I passed.

You can come out of average life as a student, you can put an end to that frustrating dummy performance, if you choose to be successful, those that are doing better than you don’t have two heads, your habit and approach towards your studies needs to change, your studying style also need to change.

For instance; If you are preparing for JAMB, you must have a target, perhaps to reach 300, or even 320 and above, this target will be a drive for your studies, you must get all the past Jamb questions, thank God for technology, there are many Exam App that you can now download online and use to study for your JAMB, treat as many past question as you can, ensure you go over it again and again, if you miss the answer, don’t guess, guess work is a destroyer for academic excellence, go and get the right answer before your examination day, be sure you are doing the right thing. You can also get the syllabus for each subject and study them. Preparing for JAMB without treating past questions is only going to make you a fool at the end. You need to study and treat past questions, in order to be able to know what the question and exams structure looks like.

#3 Avoid Examination Mal-practice and Jamb Runs: We live in a society where people for whatsoever reason would rather embrace short cut to get to their desired destination, but what most of them don’t understand is that, short cut is actually a killer! It will make the journey worse for you, when you refuse to take responsibility for your life, you end up a liability. Many people due to fear or frustration opt in for examination malpractice (Jamb Runs), which happen in various ways.

While some pay people to help them write the exam, others pay to manipulate the result they get thereafter.

You may get through with this practice at Jamb level, but let me ask you a question, how do you plan to handle post Jamb? What about when you get to the University?

How will you cope with more complex course of study and the examination as well? Jamb and other entrance exams are designed to test your mental capacity and prepare you for the greater task at the University level, now that you have jumped the stage, you can never survive the next stage, this is how many people drop down in the cause of their tertiary education.

Go for tutorial classes, get mentors and qualified teachers to train you and sit for your Jamb yourself, go through the stress and pass, you will be grateful that you did, examination mal-practice will never give you Joy, no matter how long you have been doing it, you will always regret at the end, because you know, it is never your work and your mental capacity will never be able to sustain the next phase.

#4 Study with fellow Jambites : I know there is a place for personal study, there is no doubt about that, as a matter of fact, I also study alone, I prefer to seek a quiet place and stay there all day studying, but when it comes to an external exam like JAMB, you need Tutors and Jambites, yes a combination of these two will propel your success faster than doing it all by yourself, you can’t cover much if you are alone, in the case of tutors, they have been teaching many people over the years, so they know and understand the nature of Jamb questions and exam approach, working with them will help you do better, JAMB as a standard and you need those that are acquainted with it, to guide you. Studying with your fellow jambite can also keep you updated with latest development, necessary information and area of specialization. Jamb exams are set up by human being like you, so there is nothing to fear, you only need to channel your effort in the right direction, that’s all.

#5 Pray to God for Success: This is non-negotiable, you need God to excel, you need God to succeed not just only for Jamb, but even in the university and other areas of your life, you will always need God. Carry that consciously, it will help you to behave yourself appropriately before God so as to enjoy his help and favor.

Many students don’t know they need prayers to succeed, there is a place of studying and reading but trust me, there is a place for the help of God, the hand of God, because a lot of errors and complications do happen even after the exam has been written, so you must remain prayerful so that you won’t have a bad luck, there is a place for the hand of God in everything we do.

What I often advocate for most student is; Read as if your success depends on it, and pray as if prayer is the only thing that is required to succeed.

When you do these two things as you ought to, your success is guaranteed.

#6 Practice with CBT : The whole thing about CBT was introduced in our own time, and unlike now that you have many website and apps you can use to practice for various exams, we did not have access to such facility yet, so we had to practice the normal printed past questions, many of us don’t have the computer literacy that was necessary so that if error pops up at any point in time, we know what to click to handle it, quiet a number of my friends failed due to this computer issue.

Don’t let your own case be like that, take advantage of the technology age, practice for Jamb with CBT, there are many online apps you can download to test-run yourself and it will even be timed just exactly like Jamb does, so that you will be able to work with the stipulated time frame and get used to time-bound exams on computer, it will also enhance your IQ development prior to the Jamb examination date, I wish you all the best. God will crown your effort with success.


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