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How to open BlockChain Account and have your Biitcoin Address

Bitcoin is a new currency that was created in 2009 by an unknown person using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto
Transactions are made with no middle men – meaning, no banks! There are no transaction fees and no need to give your real name.
Bitcoin can be referred to as an online currency for transaction. 
You open an account with one of the bitcoin wallet providers.
 These are equivalents of our physical GTBANK, FIRSTBANK, DIAMOND BANK etc. 
To perform smooth transactions online without credit card or domiciliary account, Bitcoin is the way to go. 
Everyone running businesses or doing transactions online must have one.

To open a BITCOIN account of your own, you can go to
Now, kindly follow my step by step guide to opening a bitcoin account right from your bedroom in Nigeria.
Step1. Visit You will land on a page like the one bellow.
Following my RED arrow above, kindly click on “create a free bitcoin wallet
You will land on this page below…
Kindly follow my arrows as indicated above to fill your EMAIL, PASSWORD (must contain letter and alphabet), Tick the terms of service button and click on CONTINUE.
You will land on the page above. Just click on continue.
Login to your email you used when registering and a mail would have been sent to you just like the one above from BLOCKCHAIN. Click on it to open it.
Following my RED arrow in the above image, copy your WALLET IDENTIFIER and keep it safe somewhere. It is what you will use whenever your want to log into your blockchain account. VERY VERY important.
Following my YELLOW arrow, click on the VERIFY EMAIL to verify your email and you will automatically be redirrected to…
It will show that your EMAIL has been verified.
Now go back to
Follow the arrow in my image below. Click on LOGIN
As you can see above, input your wallet identifier (The one i said earlier that you should keep safe). Also, enter your PASSWORD (the one i said earlier that it should be a mixture of alphabets and numbers).
Input them and click on LOGIN
This is what i personally do. I keep my login details in a notepad and safe on my laptop. You can also do this and keep it somewhere so whenever you want to login, you can always open the notepad to copy your login details.


When you are inside your blockchain account, as show above, click on RECEIVE. We want to get our BITCOIN wallet address. (This is so important. It is like your BANK account NUMBER)
After clicking RECEIVE above, you will then see your BITCOIN wallet ID as it shows in the image below. Copy it and keep safe. It’s is like your BANK account number. And that is what is referred to as your BITCOIN account or bitcoin id.


Security area.
When inside your blockchain account, you will see the section like the one illustrated above. You can click on it to fortify your account by enabling additional security features like adding your phone number, back up security phrase etc. This is to enable you protect your account from hackers from having access to it. Just take your time around here to fortify your account.
To fund your Bitcoin wallet is very simple. All you need to do is get someone who have money in his bitcoin account to send money to your own bitcoin account while you pay him for the money. Let’s be practical here.
I have $10,000 in my Bitcoin account. You do not have any in your account yet. You contacted me that you need bitcoin. I am willing to sell. We agree that i will sell $1 for N550. You want $1000. You will pay me 550 x 1000 = N550,000 and i will login to my blockchain account and click on SEND
Just like in the image below…
I will fill in your BITCOIN wallet ID. The dollar amount you want, Description (transfer/sales) and i will click on next and confirm on the next page.
You gave me money, i gave you bitcoin. That’s how to get BITCOIN.
There are trusted merchants like that sells bitcoin.

Another easy way is just search on a phrase like…
buy/sell BITCOIN in …. (put your city). Eg, buy/sell bitcoin in Lagos (if my city is Lagos). Once you do that, you will see a handful of websites and results that will come up. Check on them and look for the one that is closer to you. I advise you to walk into their office, cash at hand and do the transaction.


 There are many scammers who disguise as bitcoin seller and offer your ridiculous price to lure you and scam you. is tested and trusted and you can pay them without going to their office but ensure you confirm from them they have on ground before paying. I am not their affiliate o, just saying this out of my previous dealings with them.

Now, go get your BITCOIN account funded as i roll out opportunities you can use BITCOIN to partake in.


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