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How to Make Money in Dollar

Making Money is a good endeavor everybody wants to earn good money and this is because money answereth all things, there are quiet a lot that you’d be able to get through with when you have the capacity and the financial strength that is required of you.
I wrote article recently on how you can earn foreign currency, in some part of Africa, earning foreign currency is almost like a goldmine, this is a very good deal, because when you are done converting the money, you will be very rich, that is the working idea behind earning foreign currency.
So now we want to focus on earning in Dollars, dollar is one of the world must utilized currency and it doesn’t really matter the nation of the world where you are in currently, if you earn in Dollars, you’d be glad, even as much as euro worth more, it s obvious for business and financial transactions, dollar is still the most utilized globally.
So how do you make money in Dollars?
Well, i have few way i am going to list below just right here to help you get started.
  1. Apply for Job in foreign countries, this is one of the fastest way any lay man can earn in Dollars, apply for a Job in U.K, U.S.A, European country and other nations of the world where dollars is the major primary currency, by the time you are done with the job maybe in the space of two years, you would have accumulated a lot of Dollars to the end that when you return to your country, you will be 10 times richer.
  2. Venture into Internet Business; there are whole lot of internet businesses out there where you are only going to be paid in Dollars, this is one of the best ways to earn foreign currency, for instance; if you are a freelance on fiverr, or or you are surely going to be paid in dollars, so working from your country and from the comfort of your own room will bring dollars to your door step cheaply. Google Adsense is one of the major source of income in Blogging Business, when you wake up online, open your laptop, create a simple niche blog put up some original content and get started with the whole idea of blogging business, by the time you are getting a reasonable traffic level and you are a publisher at adsense, you will earn dollars cheaply (some adsense accounts are even in euro).
  3. Affiliate Marketing : I know this is a ind of internet business too but so as to lay more emphasis on it,  had to separate it, affiliate marketing is one of the booming Business globally right, bloggers and internet marketers like Harsh Agrawal earn not lesser than $20,000 monthly from Affiliate Marketing, it is one of the best ways to earn money online. It is all about signing up with certain programs, majorly selling sites, it is true that sales goes on daily online than offline (brick shops) since the internet offers us an access into the global market, there is no limit to sales, when you are affiliated with a program, you are promoting their links and offers to an audience that will likely going to purchase and after which you get a % commission for your effort, some affiliate programs pays as high as 70% to their affiliate marketers, you can join this programs in various niches like health, weight loss, make money, business ideas, business plan, marketing, sole throat, diabetes and lots more other niches that are people are really looking for a way out to their problems.
  4. Write and Publish your Book : This is a good way to earn good money online, be a Book Publisher or a writer. There is a lot of problems and challenges around the world, people tend to use the internet in bid of finding solutions to their problem, you can choose one of such problem like in the wight loss industry, you can write a book on how to loss belly fat and list them for sales on your website or on amazon for a better exposure and visibility and thousands of people will buy it all across the world and pay you in Dollars. Quiet a lot of Amazon Kindle Publishers earn close to $5,000 per month selling their books Online, you can be the next.
  5. Freelancing : This is one of the online jobs that brings good income, there are many people who are interested in doing business online but, they don’t have the ‘know-how’ of getting their way around the complexity that the internet offers. So there is a pressing need for expertise, if you are good in graphics designing, webmaster analytic, web development, application building and development, web design, ebook cover design, list building, search engine optimization, blogging, blog design and creation, then you are good to go, you have all the tendency of earning great income by offering a freelance service online, there are people who are waiting to pay you good money in dollar for all of these services., fiverr, elance are some of the top website where you can list your skills ad expertise for sales and when a client contact you or order for your service, you guys reach an agreement together and you get your part done and the money is paid! Freelancing as earn top copy writers not less than $50,000 in the United States, you can also earn more if you are skillful. 
  6. Get down to Youtube : This is one of the places where money flows daily on the internet, i do see many channels with good videos but who are not inform about the opportunity that  youtube offers, you can make a lot of money on youtube. Youtube as a website as built capacity over time to the end that it receive such a massive millions of views daily and this is the reason why it is one of the best place to earn good money online. Youtube runs an advertisement program with Google Adsense which is a major earning income source for many Youtube Publisher all across the world, but there are many other ways you can earn money, as a matter of fact, if you have millions of views on various videos you are likely going to get direct offers from companies, brands, personalities around the world who are ready to pay you thousands of Dollars $$$ for promotion and advertisement., if you are into freelancing, branding, affiliate marketing, this is yet one of the best place and best way to promote your brands and products and attract a global market to purchase, you can always drop your link at the description section, a lot of money was made when iPhone came out i United state solely by reviewing the Phone and dropping an affiliate link where people can buy at the Description section, many of those who finds your video interesting will click through and make purchase, and when you have millions of views, you can imagine how much sales you would have make in a short while via youtube.
These are the ways through which you can earn a lot of money in Dollars, i hope you find this article useful? If YES, kindly share, and if you know other ways, you can add them, Thanks.

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