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How to Make Money as an Influential YouTuber

A current trend in the digital marketing industry is brands searching to collaborate with YouTubers. If you are an influential YouTuber, you can make a lot of money by promoting brands with your YouTube videos.

However, you need to know where and how to connect with the brands. Doing this is somewhat difficult. Here is why Webfluential want to help you connect with these brands through their platform.

Who is an Influential YouTuber?

An influential YouTuber (also known as YouTube Influencer) is someone who can generate an impactful surge in brand awareness and sales. YouTube Influencers exist in multiple genres, from gaming to fashion to lifestyle comedy shows. These are people who are commanding attention on YouTube in whatever niche they are in.

If you have a vlog (on YouTube), and you’re interested in creating video content for brands as an influential YouTuber so you can earn more money, then all you need to do is to link your YouTube channel to your Webfluential profile. Simply follow the steps below to do this.
1. Create or log into your existing Webfluential account
2. Click on “My Profile”
3. Click on “Add YouTube”
4. Authorize your channel by following the instructions on the page.
Make sure you add your YouTube channel. Also, if you have other online platforms that you want to use to create contents for brands, you should also add the platforms to your profile. It’s easy to setup. Once done, brands in need of influencers like you will contact you based on the price you set.
What is Webfluential?
Webfluential was created to make life easier for bloggers by managing your advertising and marketing for you. Webfluential is the online platform that helps brands across the globe find relevant social influencers, seed their content, and report on the value of their influencer marketing campaigns.
Webfluential allows you to continue blogging and sharing content on your social media platforms while handling the administration. Once you have signed up and completed your profile, marketers using Webfluential to search for influencers will be able to view your profile and shortlist you. If you get selected for any campaigns, you will receive a job offer that you can accept or decline at your own discretion. As an Influencer, you set the rate you wish to be paid and Webfluential will manage the payment from the Marketer.
If there’s a question you have about this, simply use the comment box provided further below to ask. I’ll provide you with the correct answer.
Go ahead and Create or log into your existing Webfluential account to get started as an influential YouTuber.


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