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How to Make Money as a Freelance Writer

Talent has gone beyond making fun, it has now become a venture for making fortunes for some fortunate fellows. Many people with different talents are now capitalizing on their talent to make a living.
Truly everyone has talent but only few have been able to identify and utilize their talents to make money.
God has created myriad of talents and it has been bestowed upon some creatures as gifts.
Some people are multi talented, that is, they have more than one talent, while some people have just one talent.

This doesn’t really matter but what matters is the ability to identify and utilize the talent in order to amass wealth from it.
All talents have good prospect and equal ability to make one rich but what make it differ is how creative the bearer of that talent is.  People think only talents like singing, dancing, football and the likes, make one turns millionaire but this is not true. Any talent you have and you have successful discovered it, try to nurture it and improve greatly on it believe me you can be a multi millionaire
Writing is one of the talents, though reticent and oblivious, that can turn one to a millionaire within a short period. This talent is not too common but the few that have the talent are making a living with it. The likes of John Maxwell, Steve Harris, Professor Wole Soyinka and others are great writer.
Writing does not bring money alone, it comes with fame as a result of the intellectual dexterity from the writing skills.
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A writer who writes on a self-employed basis is called a freelance writer.
A freelance writer writes for a living, he or she doesn’t work for a firm but can be hired on a contract basis. Freelance writing is the best form of being self employed with relatively handsome profits, it is a means of turning passion to money. Money making is the objective of all enterprise, so also a freelance writer wants to use the God gift as a money making venture. There are several ways a freelance writer can make money, these are the most obvious ways a freelance writer can make money from their talent:
  • Blogging: A blog is a platform where one indirectly expresses ones mind to the populace. Blogging is more advantageous to a freelance writer because the world is going digital thus making ones article reach the widest publicity. As a freelance writer, you can use your blog to gain fame and audience. The quality and uniqueness of your article will increase your audience, once your audience perceive your blog as a source of inspiration and orientation, thus, making visits and inviting more audience to your blog become their habit. As your blog grows by the virtue of your delightful and insightful articles with the quantum growth of your audience, then your chances of making money is high.
Firstly, with a huge audience, you can participate in the Google AdSense program. Google AdSense program is a global advertising network owned by Google, Google AdSense program is  the surest way bloggers make money online, some many people are making millions monthly from the program. The main requirement to participate in this program is having unique contents on the blog, your huge audience is an advantage because Google as a brand wants their adverts to have wide publicity. The uniqueness of your articles is what you are selling in this instant and not your audience per se,  though it is an advantage.
Secondly, another way to make money as a freelance writer with a blog is selling advertisement space on your blog. This is only possible with high number of audience visiting your blog. In this case, the beauty and attractiveness of your articles is your selling point.
They make people want to visit your blog daily. With high number of audience, you can approach any of the top notched brands like Globacom, MTN to buy or rent a portion on your blog to advertise there products or services. This is another way freelance writer can make million from a blog.
These streams of income are subject of how creative  the freelance writer is, the creativity is the beauty of the articles.
  • Offering a writing services to firms: As said earlier, writing is a huge talent but uncommon. There are some people that are ready to pay high as how a creative a freelance writer is. Knowledge is key, atimes what people read makes huge impart in their life. Not everyone is talented in writing but some people harness talented writers to solve some intellectual problems. Some people see creative writers as raw materials to be transformed to finished goods for the aim of making money. Million copies of a book can be sold within a short period, it is not the quality or texture of the material that brings this fortune but the creativity of the writer.
As a freelance writer, you can monetize your creative writing skill by writing for other firms.
  • Publish your own book: As a freelance writer, nothing stops you from writing a book on whatever aspect you choose to write on. People value good write ups, atimes what people read change them for good. If you are the type that writes, plan to author your own book. Aside from the money, it brings fame and social recognition, especially if the book is an insightful one. You can write a biography about a virtuous public figure and put it up for sale, you will be marveled about the copies you are going to sell within a short period of time.
  • Participate in writing contest: As a creative freelance writer, you can participate in any writing contest to exhibit your writing dexterity and see how proficient it is. A contest comes with a price and honour. It is always good to face challenges, it increases ones knowledge and exposure. It is a platform to text your writing skill. If you win, you become victorious but if you lose, you become more expose and learn more.
  • Become a copywriter: By the virtues of the creativity in your writing skill, you can become a copywriter. As a copywriter, you can apply for writing jobs on sites like and make cool money from this.
Freelance writing is a very easy way to make money in Nigeria, everyone writes but now everyone writes well. This should be your strength as a freelance writer, practice makes perfection. It is good to be a talented writer, it is better to be a good writer but best to be a creative writer. Creativity is the key, it doesn’t come in a day but a progressive journey of constant practice.

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