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How to learn Coding for beginners

Technology has grown to the extent that virtually all life engagements can be performed using the information technology teachings.

 Information technology has undoubtedly taken over the world; their knowledge is needed in the world market. 

Several technological aids are developed from coding; top social media, websites, application and other technological aids we have in existence today.

Coding is the manipulation of computer languages in a creative way to provide aids for humans at large. 

The knowledge of coding is esoteric; it is not know to anyone expect some individuals whom have been trained adequately in this line of profession. These people are called programmers. 

Programmers are few due to the complex nature of the profession; coding has several languages, they are: java, PYTHON, C+ , SQL , PHP.  

These languages are what programmer use to code; the effects of coding or the manifestation of coding are the various applications we use today, some are used to design websites.

Coding has several models; it is a stepwise teaching that requires constant practice because it is very volatile. 

It is possible one learns this coding and make huge money from  it. 

However, it takes a great determination and tenacity to break even with coding. it is not a day or a week tutorial; it takes at least 6 months to adequately learn coding as a beginner because of the complex nature of the subject.

There are several information technology institutes where coding can be learnt and certificates are issued. 

It doesn’t come at a cheap price; the price varies with the duration of the course to be taken. 

A single language is very extensive and can take a long period to achieve. 

However, with the ease of technology, you can now learn coding online at your convenience. 

There are several websites dedicated to teaching coding; some issue out certificate while other just teach. 

The ones that issue certificate are not always free in most cases.

 But you can get the best of knowledge to salvage your career as a potential programmer.

 Below are websites you can learn coding from at your convenience; what they require from you is your dedication and focus to the course. 

Also, do not be cumbersome, learn one language at a time and ensure you put all to practice as you learn. 

These websites are:
These websites offer exclusive tutorials on coding; they teach specific programming languages like: HTML, CSS, PHP, Ruby etc. 

They are very interactive with tests after each tutorial to enhance the lesson. Coding is now easy to learn provided you are truly ready to learn it.


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