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How to Improve Egg Production in Poultry Layers Farming

Poultry Farming is one of the bed rock of agricultural and farming in Nigeria right now and it as the power that as actually moved agriculture to where it is right now in Nigeria. 

Majorly Poultry farmers are into Layers production and they are earning pretty good income from it as Nigerians are addicted egg consumers.


So poultry farming is the key, now in this post i want to encourage poultry farmers who are having challenges with their farm production, don’t be discouraged there are just some steps to put in place and in this article today i will be dropping some of them, for you to improve your overall egg production, as a poultry farmer who engage in egg production for over 3 to 5years.

Poultry is beautiful,  if you know your way through; the beautiful thing about egg production is that no matter the amount of egg you produce, it can not be enough to meet the need of the current Nigeria Market.

Here are some Steps You can Take to Effectively Increase your Egg Production Level in Poultry Farming

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1. Quality Daily Feeding : This very number one step can not be overlooked, if you don’t feed your birds well, they will never lay well. Feeds are the only way we help the hormones and the system of the birds get better and also while they are laying eggs, the only way to replenish their strength is by adequate and effective, meet your feed mill managers to give you an effective layers feed formular, also before you start layers production you must plan ahead for adequate feed requirement and ensure you provide adequate amount of money to cater for it; layers are not the kinds of birds that you raise and then at a point inn time, you don’t have enough money to take care of their feedings again, it will greatly reduce their egg production and can diminish their health.
2. Healthy and Clean Environment : If your environment is dirty and stinking, you can’t enjoy maximum production and harvest in your Poultry Layers farming.  Poultry Birds require a healthy and neat and clean atmosphere as much as they drop their feaces they don’t want to be camp in an atmosphere whereby they are restricted and denied of fresh air and good breeze, always clean your poultry farm and make it neat, that is why we have poultry fan to help you get good breeze to the birds even when its a dry season.

3. Avoid Too Much Medication : Too much vitamins, vaccines, drugs and medications can affect their hormones and immune system, you are adding to many chemicals to their body system and they are left with unhealthy or too much chemicals that can be harmful to them and also can predispose them to hazards in their environment, don’t get me wrong, am not saying medications are bad am just saying don’t give too much drugs and chemicals to your birds, if you are not good in this aspect, just get yourself a veterinary doctor; that can help you take this aspect of your egg farming and monitor it.

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4. Clean and Cool Water Should be Administer always : Poultry Feeds are structured in such a way that it causes dust and can suffocate the birds if they are denied of water at the appropriate time, so always make clean and neat water available to them always, if its dry season just put ice block inside their water drum which flows into their water tray – this is easy to do if you are using a battery cage system to house your birds.

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Water contributes to 80% of the body content; and water is also very needful for proper egg formation.
5.  Reduce Fat content in their Meal : Most of times when we have too much of carbohydrates in layers feed meal, they tend to grow bigger and reduce in egg production, so by the time this is happening, the egg will be reducing in size and number while the birds will be getting bigger and fatter because it is building fat, so when you notice a strange increase in their weight with a corresponding decrease in the egg size and number then you need to do a little touch on their feeds formulation.

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