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How to Avoid Make Money Online Scam

We can’t despise that the evolution of internet has brought to limelight different types of business, and make things very much easier that you can just sit down at home at your comfort zone and make money online via your computer or sometimes your cell phone.

It is of no lie that there are real online money making programs via which you can make money, but won’t let us be ignorant of the fact that as many as there are legitimate online money making programs, there are also many, I mean a lot of online money making programs that instead of making money from it.

 They will only be collecting money from you.

If you are the type that has interest in doing online business both as a part time or full time job you need to sharpen your eye very well and be careful of what you deep your hands into online.

There are a lot of people who are living testimony of online money making programs and I tell you a lot of people have also fall victims of different scam online; I don’t dispute the fact that there are still reliable online businesses, it may difficult to find but not impossible, a lot of people have been into it and people will still come into it, just that you need to pay a very close attention to what online business you will be choosing so as not to fall victim of scam.

At a just the press of “ONLINE MAKING MONEY” on the search engine, countless number of it will be displayed but I tell more than half of it are just scam, if you are not very careful enough to identify those that are scam you will end up been a victim of scam and even waste time believing what you thought to be the right thing.
We will be looking at some things that can help you identify, the right kind of online businesses you can do.


This is one the funniest thing people fall victim of online, if there is anything I will tell anyone who is willing to make money online, in the bit of looking for where you can make money online don’t be so desperate that you’re so blindfolded, because there is that which desperation may cause you, and you will later regret doing it, because you ventured into it in desperation.

 How can software self-generate money? It very funny but I tell you as funny as it is, many has lost thousands of naira in ignorance, so be careful especially in this area, no software will self-generate money after asking you to pay a huge amount of money. Then you’re now waiting for a miracle to happen to software and start generating money. It doesn’t work like that; in fact it is not possible.


This is the acronyms for “PAID TO CLICK”. This has been a very rampant type online, you will always see a lot of this, and I tell you things of such are mostly scam and waste of time. There are only few PTC site that are genuine and even the genuine ones are sometimes waste of time there are some you will visit and have as low as 0.0001 percent reward for clicking just one advert, till when will that sum up? Only waste your time and data.


Many people just want to come online and make money all of a sudden, wants to become a millionaire in twinkling of an eye. I do have to ask myself if online making money is so easy that you can make 5,000dollars, 10,000dollars in space of one week, then almost everyone should be rich by now, only the mindset of making a huge amount of money overnight will make some see a program stating that you should make 10,000 dollars in 3 days and you will opt in for that, without any work just pay some money and collect 10,000dollars in 3 days that’s a big scam be aware. 

Online business requires procedure and process, thou it may be fast sometimes but needs to follow some process and sometimes a lot of patience.


If it is real and genuine, then they should be able to tell you how it works, how to go about it, what and what to do. There are a lot of programs that will tell you, you can make millions from it and won’t want to disclose how to go about it. Beware of such they are scams


MLM means Multi-level Marketing, there is no point talking about how rampant this is online, this is likely the most common type of online making money programs. They will promise to grant you commission on referring people  to this platform, I tell you not all this platform are real, the  genuine ones are very scarce, because I don’t think I ever come across a genuine one. This particular platform may sound very enticing because of their big promises beware, most of the promise are what they can afford themselves, beware.

CONCLUSION– there are still very good online money making programs that you can do and make your money very cool, they may be difficult to find, but they are not impossible to find. 

They are very possible and real, we have a lot of people who live by this daily. In the process of finding an online, shun desperation and don’t come with the attitude of making millions overnight.


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