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How Linda Ikeji established Blogging Jobs in Nigeria

Linda Ikeji happen to be one of the topmost blogger in Nigeria, and it is well known that Linda Inspired a new generation of Bloggers in this part of the world, a young lady who emerged as the biggest Google search trend in Nigeria in the year 2014.
15years back, blogging jobs were not as popular as they have become now in Nigeria. Back then, blogs and bloggers were mostly perceived as personal online dairies and are mostly visited by few people.

Now, that perspective has massively changed and you can even imagine hundreds of Nigerians who feed themselves majorly by blogging.
Many Nigeria now consider blogging jobs to be lucrative and infinitely promising.
The question then becomes, what changed? What has now made the difference all of a sudden? What turn the perspective of people about blogging drastically?
One of the biggest factors that heavily impacted the face of blogging jobs and career in the country Nigeria was the emergence of the promising young lady Linda Ikeji and what she represents in the blogging industry.
Linda Ikeji, who was initially a model, has become nothing short of phenomenal as made manifest in the level of success she has enjoyed as a blogger.
The major focus of this article will be on critical moments, experiences and incidents in Linda Ikeji’s career that helped her in taking blogging jobs from nothing to something, from obscurity to limelight. As we all know that there’s no prize without a price, if you won’t be willing to pay the price don’t talk about the prize.
Through Linda Ikeji blogging as become a popular source of income in Nigeria. And it is of no argument that the name Linda Ikeji is one of the biggest brands to reckon with in Nigeria.
Linda Ikeji happens to be a graduate of University of Lagos (UNILAG), where she studied English Language; she began her creative writing skills at a very tender age and continually improved throughout her schooling. Studying English Language was a plus for her and also brought advancement to her writing ability that launched her into blogging job.
Linda Ikeji was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but she was an aspiring young lady then, that doesn’t allow her background to put her back to the ground. She stood tall to her feet and sees herself achieving her dreams. She worked hard to see herself through school as well as supporting her family and her siblings.
In a bid to pay her way through school, she once got a part-time job as a waitress, model and writer, even though she is a female who has many reason to give for not being serious or staying focus in school and career, but she never gave such excuses rather face her problem and see through them, and what she has became know is even visible to the blind and audible enough to the deaf.
Blogging for Linda IKeji all started as nothing more than a hobby. She could not afford to pay for a private internet connection when she started and had to rely on public internet providers known as cyber cafes. It is so obvious today that she has truly made an emergence out of blogging, that could not but just be celebrated, and the most amazing part of the whole story is the fact that Linda Ikeji is a woman and the perpetrator of blogging face in Nigeria.
The very part of her being a woman do keep me in a wowing mood, being doing me like, Alas! A woman, the questions I ask myself anytime I remember her name and what she has became, is what is she made of? What inspired her? How did she get through? A lot of things to question about this young lady, because she has indeed prove to the world that your age, colour, background, grade, gender or whatever is not a limitation in any form.
I am glad to let you know that, currently, her blog has about 7 million page views on daily basis, wow what a massive amount on a single blog, a blogger or anyone who knows about blogging will know what that means. Its popularity also grows on daily basis, with about 1.60 million Twitter followers and also about 1.15 million followers on her Instagram account. It will be surprising to know that Linda Ikeji emerged as the biggest Google search trend in Nigeria in 2014, not even the president of the country; it was a woman who chooses her path and stay focus on it, all out of blogging.
After that, she became a buzz in the industry that BBC did a piece on her, on its focus on Africa programme. She was also listed among Forbes Africa’s 20 Most Prominent Women in the year 2012. She was one of the two young Nigerian women who got on the list that year.
All these listed above are what blogging job has made out of Linda Ikeji, through consistency, hard work and a lot of dedication, even diligence. This young lady has been recognised internationally on a number of occasions and this has further inspired more Nigerian towards the power of blogging jobs and has led many Nigerian into blogging job, there are many who has also made emergence out of blogging in Nigeria, just that the case of the young lady is very distinct and her coming through is worth writing about.
Owning a blog that earns her a very huge amount of money monthly has helped her set up a non-profit project. It was recorded that via the project, she offered a helping hand to young girls of about age 16-25 years of age, that has great business idea and are willing to venture into entrepreneur.
It was also recorded that in the first phase of the project she used up about 10million naira in raising young girls with brilliant ideas.
Linda Ikeji‘s accomplishments and her unprecedented rise to fame remain one of the biggest sources of inspiration to a new generation of bloggers in this particular part of the world. The peak of this was actually when she unveiled her Banana Island home on her blog. At that time she acquired her mansion in the year 2015, which worth about 500million Naira, it is now currently worth about 750 million Naira. She also got herself a car that is worth of about 70million naira.
It is obvious that Linda’s strategy is very simple; she will never find it difficult to talk how she spends her money, and what she has acquired. And she is not doing all these, in the bid to make is worth known per se, or becoming proud as others will assume, but she is only finding a platform to encourage others, and show what she has been able to make out of blogging even in Nigeria, and also as a woman.
She will always made known the fact that she was not from a rich, she was not brought up with a silver spoon, she knows what poverty really meant, she has also been in a state of helplessness before, but she was then a young lady who believe in survival, and also believed in herself and went through it, faced the whole thing and against all odds she became a celebrity in the part she has chosen.
Now in Nigeria, blogging in Nigeria is one of the industry people are proud to be part of, also in recent time blogging jobs are offered with titles like content writer, creative writer, content resource person and so on.

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