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Help! This Girl is Sleeping with Her Boyfriend’s Dad – Family Sex Scandal

Dear Bunmi,

My 23 years old niece is sleeping with her boyfriend’s father while the boyfriend is away studying for his masters at the university in another state. She grew up in a one- parent family and I think this is responsible for her behaviour. 

When her boyfriend was studying in a near-by state, his father used to drive my niece to see him and I knew he was bent on seducing her.

Now her mum has found texts in her phone of all the type of things they were up to.
He even promised they might get married.

His wife is down with partial stroke and my niece gives the impression of being fond of this poor unsuspecting woman. I don’t understand how she can fancy a man of almost 50 when she could have her choice of boys her own age. If this gets out, it will destroy the man’s family. Help!



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