David Oluwamakinde Oyedepo

Resident Pastor,
Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland
Ota, Africa and one of the Vice Presidents, Living Faith Church Worldwide.

We have seen the manifest hand of God upon your life
We celebrate God for the prophecy manifesting in your life
We thank God for the vision that you run with,
Indeed, another warrior has come!

From London to Canaanland and also the ‘School of Tyrannus’.
You are a vivid evidence of what serving God entails, your works in the Vineyard of Christ is clearly seen. You have chosen the path of diligent service to Christ and you are highly admired and respected for that.

Pastor David of the ‘Third Service’
Your Sunday ministrations and outings at the Covenant Hour of Prayer are just the starting point.
Not only is Heaven keeping record, you know we are doing the same to continue the Acts of Apostle Chapter 29 to Chapter ‘No Figure’ according to the ‘Sage’ Benson Idahosa.

On this first day of the midst of the year, We continue to pray for you as you labour in the vineyard and feed the flock of Christ. We pray that God will continue to strengthen you and give you wisdom.
May God keep you going and glowing in the wisdom of His will, May God continue to bless you with good health, wisdom and great insight into the Word of God for greater works in life and ministry.
May the Oil of God upon your life continue to make manifest in diverse forms, May you continually climb higher and higher and may your light never go dim.

Congratulations Sir, God’s Multiplied Blessings!


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