Guide on Setting up a Drum kits

Most times it has been noticed that what affect many drummer or disable from producing a proper sound is lack of comfort while using drumming which can be attributed to poor arrangement of drum kits, poor tuning can also cause this but it most as a result of poor arrangement. This article while help in providing solution on how to set up a drum kits without any stress and help to give proper sounds, just do well to follow by reading carefully.

We have majorly two types of drum kits The Acoustic Drum Kit and the Electronic Drum Kits.


Acoustic Drum Kits, it is relatively easy and straightforward to put together and set up a regular acoustic drum kits. Make sure the bass drum legs are extended to create a steady base for your rack toms and to be able to ensure that the bass drum doesn’t slide forwards when striking it.

Getting to tune the drum kits maybe a bit difficult, that will almost require getting an expert to help you put up the tunes rightly, but spending a bit of time with an expert will help you to catch up with the tuning.

Electronic Drum Kits, These are also not too hard to set up; spending a worthwhile time with the manual with the manual will go a long way to help you with setting it up. Having you to take time to study the manual is prior to the fact that the detailed process of the menu options for effects or creating your own samples will vary depending on the manufacture and exact model of your kits. Even more complex electronic kits have more complicating sub-menus and systems for manipulating the sounds that your pads trigger, but a quality time with the manual will help even in the absence of an expert.

Now to the step by step set up guide

  • Starting With the Feet.

Sit on a drum throne first. Do well to position your feet flat on the floor, make sure your sitting is solid and comfortable, shoulder’s width apart and an equal distance from your body. Now place the pedals where your feet are, it is important to know that when you are setting up a right-handed/right-footed drum kit the bass drum pedal will be under your right foot and the hit hat pedal will be under your left foot, and if at all you are using a double bass drum pedal the additional pedal can always be position after the rest of the kits are in the right place. At this point there should be no drums, no cymbals, just you and a bass drum pedal and a hit hat stand.

  • Arranging the Rest of Your Drum Kits.

This arrangement is to follow the very first step, you will have to attach the bass drum carefully to the pedal moving it into it position behind the pedal. Go ahead to set up the snare stand and position it between the two pedals, mount the toms, set up the cymbals stands and add the cymbals gently.

  • Adjust The Height Of The Hardware.

It is essential to check the height of the drum throne which also popularly called the drum stool because sitting is what you will be doing most, which requires you to sitting comfortably, your stool must not be set too low or too high for convenience purpose, if you knees became higher than your hips it may lead to unnecessary strain on the hips and your upper legs, hips is to be slightly higher than the knees, when  you sit on the stool your knee should be bent at an almost 90 degrees angles. It is also important to do well to arrange the snare drum in a comfortable way that won’t place your hand too high causing your elbow to be raised uncomfortably, leading to tension, which in turn leads to poor drumming techniques.

  • Set The Position Of The Toms And Cymbals.

The floor tom is most time about the same height as the snare, the rack toms are adjusted either by the toms mounts that attach to the bass drum or they have their own clamps which are fixed to cymbal stands or drum rack, in which ever way you implore to arrange your toms ensure that is to the end that it is comfortable while using them, there should be an reach without having to stretch or lean forward.

Cymbals are also to be above the kit so that to play them you move your arms upwards not forwards, arrange your drums in such a way that you shouldn’t need to lean or loss your balance on the drum throne or stool when you are playing on the drum, proper arrangement ensures comfort, and help to beat in a way that will ensure proper sounds.


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