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Romantic Goodnight Messages For Her That Touches The Heart

The nighttime is a time of relaxation where your mind is calm and your phone is powered down. Goodnight messages give your girlfriend/wife beautiful memories to sleep with, which will birth more love when she wakes up in the morning.


The beauty of goodnight messages is that they do not have set rules. You can decide to keep it flirty, casual, or romantic. No matter how you compose the goodnight message, ensure to do it sweetly.


This article will teach you goodnight messages for her, long goodnight messages for her, romantic goodnight messages for her, and emotional goodnight messages for her.

Goodnight Messages For Her

Here are the best goodnight messages for her to express your love and undying affection.

1. My love, I hate sleeping without you by my side. You are my breath and my light. May your dreams be lightened and your night peaceful.

Romantic Goodnight Messages For Her That Touches The Heart

2. You are the best thing that has happened to me. Watching you wake up is the best way to start my day, and wishing you a good night is the best way to end my day. Love you!

3. Babe, sleeping without hearing your cute snores next to me is hard. Sleep well, my darling.

4. Have a peaceful night, sleeping beauty. May you have sweet dreams. And remember to dream of me.

5. Sleep peacefully. Good night! Dream sweetly, and remember that you are treasured.

6. Tonight was beautiful, just like you. Good night, sleep tight.

7. Good night, my princess. I love you, and sweet dreams.

8. Enjoy a great night’s rest as you lay your head to rest. Good night, honey.

9. Good night and sweet dreams, my darling! I hope you will dream of me.

10. Goodnight darling! I miss you! Sleep tight, for I will always love you.

Long Goodnight Messages For Her

Here are the best goodnight messages for her to excite her night and make her feel treasured and loved.

1. I fell in love when I first met you. You are such an emblem of beauty, and you shine like the sun. Nothing beats the joy I feel whenever I see you. I will unveil my love to you and make you feel like the luckiest woman in the world. Sleep well and wake up strong. Tomorrow has loads of love waiting for you to unveil.

Long Goodnight Messages For Her

2. My edifice of beauty! My dearest! The only lady that makes my heart beat fast! I hope you had a great day and your day was fruitful. I’ve been thinking of you all day, and I want you to know that my love for you will never die. Sleep well, my queen, and dream about our love.

3. I wish for a day when the night will be long. I want to stay with you in my arms, carefully cuddled, and your lips soften with my kisses. l remain eternally grateful to the stars for making me know you. You are the best thing that has happened to me. Good night babe, and have the most pleasant night’s rest.

4. I’ve always loved and cherished you, even though I haven’t been able to express it in words. I hope tonight’s dream shows you how deep my feelings for you are. You are my sleeping angel, so tender and lovely when you sleep. Have a pleasant night’s rest as you lie to rest. Goodnight, my love!

5. I hope for a night when I can share my deepest feeling with you, my dear. I wish for a night we can explore each other and lay vulnerable without being scared. Until then, tonight is a peaceful one. Sleep well and enjoy every bit of it.

6. My mind is flooded with the memories of the euphoria of our love as I call your name out smoothly in pleasure. I can feel the intensity of our love as I look into the clouds. I hope this night is peaceful. More importantly, I wish to spend my night in a room full of love and affection. Before then, have a beautiful night’s rest!

7. I’m burdened with the feeling of missing you every night. I wish you are here with me to go on an adventure together. You are my heartbeat, and thanks for coming into my life. Sleep well, babe.

8. You are the lady that gladdens my heart. I never thought I will love a woman until I met you. You are everything to me, and I’m glad our path crosses. Sleep well, my dearest.

9. I can’t wait to share breakfast with you. You are the best person I have ever met. My most special person! Sleep well, my queen. Sleep peacefully like a baby and wake up like a giant.

10. The best way to end my day is to tell you goodnight and watch as you gently sleep off. You are so innocent as your sleep. Your gentle snore is the best music I‘ve heard.

Romantic Good Night Messages For Her

Are you looking for romantic goodnight messages for her? Below are some of the best you can use to relate your message and intentions to her.

Romantic Good Night Messages For Her

1. My love! Thank you for making me feel like the luckiest man in the world. I will forever cherish you. Have the best night’s rest. Kisses!

2. I wish I’m by your side to hold you close as you sleep tonight. Nevertheless, good night baby girl, and have the best dreams ever.

3. I just can’t sleep without reminding you of my love for you. Have the sweetest dream tonight. Goodnight, my sweet pie!

4. My night is complete with you wrapped in my arms. Sleep well, baby, and have a great night’s rest.

5. I promise to dream of you if you only can tell me how much you love me. Sleep well dear – tomorrow is full of pleasant surprises.

6. Thank you for your time tonight. I cherish every moment we spend together. Good night my lady!

7. You are an angel in human disguise. I bless the day I met you. Sending warm kisses and hugs. Good night!

8. As you sleep tonight, I pray God watches over you and guides you throughout the night. Good night dear.

9. I love you so much, my queen, and I can’t wait to see your beautiful face tomorrow. Remember to take a warm bath before you sleep. Sleep well, baby girl, and remain beautiful and fresh.

10. I know you are asleep already, but I want my message to be the first thing you see in the morning. I want those smiles to blossom and remain fresh throughout the day. Sleep well, the queen of my heart.

Emotional Good Night Messages For Her

Good night messages are expected to be emotional. However, not all are emotional. Below are the best emotional good night messages for her.

Emotional Good Night Messages For Her

1. Goodnight beautiful! Sending you soft hugs and kisses for a peaceful sleep. Stay fresh and beautiful.

2. I wish I could fall asleep wrapped in your arms, snuggling close to your heart. I want to hear your heartbeat and know that it sings my name. Sleep well babe, and have a pleasant night’s rest.

3. As you sleep tonight, I pray to the God of the heavens to send angels to guide you! You are precious to me, and I don’t want you to be harmed in any way.

4. I’ve been thinking of you all day long. I hope you do. Sweet dreams, mi amor! Remember that someone loves you.

5. I want to be the last person you see before sleeping and the first person you see after waking up. Dream of me as you sleep. Text me immediately after you wake up.

6. Good night, pretty damsel! You deserve a peaceful and amazing night’s rest. Sleep as the queen you are! Goodnight.

7. Tonight was the best day for me. I wish we could see more often and spend more time. Good night. Sleep tight, dearest.

8. You’re beautiful, intelligent, and kind. I just want to let you know that I cherish you, and I will eternally cherish and care for you. Good night, sweet baby.

9. The most beautiful girl in the world! The one that makes my heart go gaga! I love you, dear. Have a good night’s rest and dream of me.

10. I hope you have the best night’s rest and the sweetest dream. You are cherished and loved.


Good night messages for her are the most efficient way to remind her of your love for her before she goes to bed. This will soothe her heart throughout the night, and she will wake up enthusiastic about love and commitment.

Sending good night messages isn’t a children’s or 21st-century youth’s thing. They can help to rekindle love in long-existing relationships and marriages.


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