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FROM ‘PUSH TO START’ CAR TO A PLANE: Give Your Mockers room to mock You – Bishop David Oyedepo

Give Your Mockers room to mock You.
Bishop David Oyedepo

  • Some brethren used to run away at the end of fellowship in the early days of this Ministry because they didn’t want to push my car to start
  • Can you push a plane to start?
  • Place the Turnaround stickers everywhere, so that the mockers can mock you everywhere and God will be making you.

This thing called ‘Promised Land’ is not theoretical, it is real. You will walk in the reality of it.
If you look at the car sticker, the door sticker: you will find ‘Turnaround Era’
Why Era?
It is not Turnaround Year.
The year is the beginning of that era. That means, turnaround will never end in your life.
He is a Turning again and again God (Psalm 126:4).
You will never get grounded anymore in your life. One encounter set this Church on a path of continuous and unending growth.

  • The encounter of this year will set you on the path of unending turnarounds.
    That’s why it is said in our Covenant Exchange that ‘Turnaround will become your new identity from henceforth.’
    When you talk about breakthrough, Church: immediately you remember.
    You’re talking about prosperity: you’ll remember.
    They all started one day and because they were jealously guarded, the rules were jealously guarded so they continued forever.
  • Your Turnaround encounters this year will last you your lifetime.
  • You will live it as an inheritance for your children: it will last them for their lifetime.
  • Your children will leave it for their children.
  • It will last throughout your generation before Jesus comes.
    Let everybody including your mockers see your ‘Turnaround’ sticker on your door.
    Let them pass by and say:
    “haah, this people can deceive themselves. See Turnaround, the door is broken. “
    “Turnaround: he has just lost his job.”
    “He is not mobile oooh but he is turn around.”

I’m glad there was no video when we were growing up, to know the kind of mockery that we enjoyed:
‘Prosperrr’ – all kinds of names.

  • Give your mockers room to mock so you can create room for your Maker to make you.
  • Refuse to be ashamed of Jesus.
  • Put your Turnaround stickers on your cars: the car is breathing and coughing but put it on it.
    One of my fellows said to me, “you know why we normally run away in those days after fellowship in Ilorin? Nobody wants to push the car because most of the time, the car would require a push to start.”
    He was telling me, I didn’t know why they were running away.
    Can you push a plane to start?

Mocker: How is everything now?
Response: My Turnaround just began January 1st
Mocker: How is your business?
Response: I have just entered my Turnaround Era
Mocker: So you have got a lot of business
Response: More than I can handle!
Mocker: Congrats. After he leaves, ‘Papa has confused them.’

The good news is the mockery of today is the testimony of glory tomorrow.
This year, your mockers will join you to celebrate your triumph!
This year, your mockers will come and join you in Church.

So put it (Turnaround sticker) everywhere so that the mockers can have opportunity to mock everywhere; that’s how your God will be making you and you will be going forward forever in the name of Jesus Christ.

Being the 40th Year of this Mandate: Welcome to your promised land.
Your days of struggles are finally over.
From henceforth, you’ll be building goodly houses and dwelling therein.
Your land shall be filled with all kinds of treasures.


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