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Edo man recounted his experience with house wife during NYSC’

In 2015 while in NYSC, a lady with 4 kids narrated her her martial problems to me. 

She said her husband was cheating on her and all that..
I wondered why she was telling me, cos I was freaking too young to address such an issue.. She said she saw the glory in me,… her family members had abandoned her.
Her church dumped her, she was furious and said she was going to end the marriage..
I listened to her plight for 42 minutes.. I was begging God to let her stop as I had other things to take care of.. Then I got the shocker..

She said she will never advice even her enemy to marry an Edo man.. and I am an Edo guy..:
I continued listening… she kept nagging.. She said it is better to be a divorcee, die and make heaven than be a married woman and die out of high blood pressure and go to hell..

I kept quiet.. My only flaw was that I couldn’t tell her where she failed..but deep within me.. The problem was absolutely hers..

See, no man wants to get married to an unproductive wife.. Even when the mistake happens..the wife becomes an annoyance to the husband… This was clearly her case…

She is lazy and thinks giving birth to children is the “only” achievement as wife… They are not poor though, I mean, the husband.. He drives a 5 million naira Toyota SUV..
Now, if such a situation present itself again, the receipient will receive the truth and nothing but the whole truth.. No keeping nothing.


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