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Don’t Quit School for Ministry as a Christian Student! – Pastor Femi Lazarus

I once had a boy who stopped attending lectures because he said the holy spirit told him he was going to finish with a first class, that all he had to do was to pray on the school prayer field. He was withdrawn after his first session.

It’s simple, you can be in school and perceive God’s call upon your life, but make sure you finish well. Don’t drop out a school because you perceived a calling, those who might be encouraging you to do so now will never be there to help you when the consequences starts knocking.

Secondly, you must learn to put first things first. You are in school to study, while serving God in the process of studying, make sure you study well. Your school fees can’t be a seed, the money for materials can’t be seeds, if you want to sow a seed, work and get your own money. Value your parents sweat, don’t use foolishness to make them look like they don’t love God also.

Always put first things first!


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