-Dr Pastor Paul Enenche
Night of Worship, Word and Wonders, DRC 2021


*There are some names/ surnames that you will need to change tonight.
*Never relocate except by revelation
*Your provision is not necessarily in a destination but in a revelation.

Ruth 1:1-22
Father, I am ready for your Word tonight. Let me hear something tonight, let something change in my life tonight. Speak to God


-There is somebody here tonight, everything the devil took from you, over the years, by the time this night is concluding, restoration would have been confirmed.

He just showed me now, tonight, the mantle of this Commission which is the restoration of human destinies, that Mantle shall be maximally deployed.


This was the weekend, 25 years ago, the last weekend of May: Friday, Saturday, Sunday that I went to the Mountain to seek direction for my next assignment in life where He (God) gave the vision for this Ministry – For the Restoration of the Destiny of Mankind, to Become Who He Created Them To Be.

This is not just a night vigil: it’s a Mandate Night, a Mantle Night, a Restoration Night, a Release Night!

This is the anniversary of a Mandate, of a Mantle, of a Move of God and tonight there shall be RESTORATION.
The reason why we exist is happening tonight.

That vision came this weekend, the Church started 6 months later, in the month of November (5 and a half months later) but hear me tonight: This is a night of Restoration. Even what the devil stole from your father’s house, even what the devil stole from your lineage, tonight it shall be returned. They shall be returned.
-It’s the return of favour!
-It’s the return of mantle!
-It’s the return of vision.
-It’s the return of direction.
-It’s the return of your health.
-It’s the return of your possession.
-It’s the return of everything that must be returned in your life.

While we are travelling in this Book of Ruth, I want to glean somethings very quickly, by introduction:

  1. Don’t ever use current situations to make permanent decisions
    There was famine in the land and Elimelech decided to move his children, his wife to the land of Moab: what a mistake!
  2. Never take your current situation as your final condition
    The current situation is not the final condition. Never! Change can happen anytime.
  3. The wrong decision can lead to irredeemable losses.

The man lost his two children, lost his life: lost his first son, lost his second son. That was why Ruth said, “she went full and returned back empty.” When you leave your place, you lose your covering.

In the land of Israel, they had a covering. Outside that land, their covering was not guaranteed.

  1. Beware of the names and the words you use.

Identity can affect destiny.
We are just gleaning somethings along before we reach where we are going tonight.

This Elimelech had a good name, it means God the King but he gave his children two bad names:

Mahlon means sick
Chilion means drying up. It’s drying up.
On the other side, Ruth means friendship. You can see how it reflected in her life.
Naomi means pleasant.

But these two boys had bad names. They couldn’t survive it. How can you call your child sick?

“Sick, come.”
“Drying up, come”
I am saying these because the Lord showed me there are people here tonight that may need to change their name or even some surnames you don’t understand.

I grew up with a young man that was called ‘Born for Death’: he didn’t survive the name.

I’ve heard some people whose name is…let me not go into details. There are women bearing names that forbid marriage and I have seen it over and over. They are bearing names that make marriage impossible, that’s physical marriage.

I knew a girl, ‘Daughter of Barren Woman’ – that was the name. Watched all children just waste like that.
There are those with spiritual identities that are against their lives.
-I prophesy to you today, any identity in the physical and in the spiritual that is against your destiny, today they are deleted.

  1. No matter your current situation, if you maintain divine connection, you can expect divine visitation.
    No matter your current condition, if you maintain divine connection, you can expect and literally experience divine visitation.

Ruth 1:6
Don’t relocate except by revelation!
Never relocate except by revelation because your provision is not necessarily in a destination but in a revelation.
No matter your condition, if you can maintain divine connection, divine visitation is on the way.

I don’t know who God sent me to, tonight. I am anointed to announce to you, “Thus saith the Word of the Lord, your change is on the way right now.
-Your change is happening tonight. It’s happening tonight!!!

My submission tonight is if God can release Ruth and if God can restore Ruth, there is nobody seated here that is beyond Release irrespective of what is holding you.

As a young medical doctor, housemanship, serving with my Consultants at the Jos University Teaching Hospital, a young lady came in and in the course of examination and interview, like I said, it is only a person who wants to die that will not tell the doctor the truth: she had very florid Candidiasis, she had endometrial…which means that the uterus had no opening anymore. Picture the uterus as a balloon and then picture that balloon having …sticks inside, so you can’t pull it open.
She had an ectopic pregnancy that removed one fallopian tube and ovary, she was left with one ovary. She had the right side kidney disease, one person and she had committed abortion about 12 times. That closed the womb.

When I saw her, in those days, if you have such combination, my eyes are on fire.





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