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Commercial Poultry Farming; Factors To Consider Before Starting

If you are planning to or you are already into poultry farming and you
seriously wish to grow it big in the nearest future there are some
factors you need to consider.
 Some of the major factors includes;

Housing system: this is a very important factor you need to put into
consideration, no matter the number of birds you are keeping the
housing can make and mar your success in poultry farming.
If you have
successfully work on the housing system more than 40% of problems have
been solved.

2. Feed and
feeding: you need to map out a feasibility studies on poultry farming
before you kick-start anything this will go a long way to help you
acheive your goals and succeed,
feeds and feeding carries larger part
of the expenses in a poultry farm and adequate plan towards feeding
can help make the journey easier.
You can choose either to produce
your own feeds yourself or buy various stages feeds from feed mills.
Proper feeding makes the birds grow well and to a larger extend their
health is secured.
3. Record keeping: this is another very important
factor in poultry system management.
A proper record keeping can
foster your poultry business development, record keeping will help
you determines your success and failures,
 flaws and where amendment
is needed, keep a proper record for your poultry farm in order to
increase your production level always.
4. Changes and differences: you
need to be sensitive to changes and differences in your poultry farm,
which includes the growth, feeding, their droppings, the laying
capacities, number of birds, sound amongst others.
This will help you
as a stock man to be sensitive to changes in the system.
For instances: when layers are about to start laying,
they makes a lot of
noise, feeding rate and body weight increases, and sometimes when
there is disease outbreak you can quickly take note of this happenings
by their droppings,
 if it changes from what it use to be when they are
healthy then something is wrong, you can call on your vet doctor for
Be sensitive to regular changes in your poultry farm
5. Types of birds: this is another important factor you should
in a poultry farming business what are the types of birds you want to
raise? Chicken? (Layers or Broilers as applicable to other birds)
Quail? Turkey? Goose? Duck? 
6. Areas of concentration:
this is a very important factor to consider in a poultry farming
business, alot of people (readers of this Blog) have been contacting
me both on phone calls and via the contact box below,
 asking me to
share more about other farming business apart from poultry surely i
will do that but poultry encompass alot of areas and specialisation
and thats why i have been writing on various apects of poultry.
As a
poultry farmer you should sit down, take a sheet of paper, pen and a
cup of tea, write down the lists of various aspect of poultry and
which one precisely you want to venture into.
 Its possible to
establish business in all but its advisable to start with one after
which you now extend your business,, some major areas youi can focus
on includes:
 Egg production,
meat production,
breeding (hatching of
eggs into chicks),
 feed processing and production,
 packaging of
poultry products,
marketing and lots more.
 If you are able to focus
yourself a particular aspect your success is guaranteed.
7. Capital: perhaps i should have make this number one factor to consider as we
all know in any business production the four major factors are
“Capital, land, labour and enterprenuer” 
capital is one of the major
factor that determine what happens and what goes on in the system.
Since record keeping and feasibility study is part of the steps to be
taking before starting your poultry business, they include capital
which is the fund (total amount of money you are investing into a
the main reason why poultry needs enough fund is that you
can’t be managing poultry birds you have to provide the best for them
in order for you to get the required products at the end of your
8. Poultry Equipments and facilities: It is very important
to get adequate equipment ready and set before starting a poultry farm
so that you don’t get stocked on the way.
 Some of the necessary
equipments includes:
egg crates,
 heat source,
waste disposal,
culling cage (for keeping sick birds),
clean water,
 and so on.
 Base on the areas you choose you can list out
the necessary equipment and get them ready before starting the poultry
9. Poultry Location:  we have talked about housing system another
important and crucial factor is the location of the poultry house.
most often when i go to rural areas or areas that have less settlement
and more of bush and grass i find different category of poultry farm
that is suitable there, perhaps you have seen something of this nature
well, the reason is simple most people situate their poultry
farm in the bush so that the smell can not affect people living around
them and disposal of waste is easy, actually you can run a poultry farm
at home as well in your backyard but in a situation where you are
considering thousands of birds, try and locate the house in an
environment with less population of people and settlement so that you
can run your business without any interference and disturbance of the
 i wish you best of luck in your poultry
 if this article as helped you kindly share with friend.
 if you have more to add to
this course kindly make use of the comment space below…

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