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Christmas Season is Here When Guys Will Begin to Beak up with Gfs

Not so merry Christmas: Plenty of people also call time on their relationship a couple of weeks before Christmas - perhaps to avoid buying their significant other a lavish present. However, very few people are dumped on Christmas Day, which is considered 'too cruel'

1* U saw me sweeping my room n u never care 2 collect the broom and finish d sweeping, It’s over! 
2* U don’t bend properly wen u sweep, U wil have Pride issues, & i can’t marry a proud woman, *its over* 

3* Did u just call me honey? You are trying to say my mum is a Bee? We’re done! *its over*
4* My mum checked my future, you are not in it. *its over*. 
5* baby my mum says dat there are a lot of witches in ur village so we can’t go out anymore! *its over*
6* why would u tell me to watch champions league wen Man United is not there! U want to mock me abi? *Its over*
7* U smiled at d guy in the car while we were trekking. *its over*
8* U don’t use ma picture as ur profile picture, *its over!*
9* U cook d eggs instead of boil, it’s over,,,U hug me instead of kissing me it’s over
10* Anytime u enter my house network will disappear it’s over and over!
11* I gave you six eggs, boil 3 and fry 3, you boiled the wrong 3 and fried the wrong 3, Lobatan *Its OVER


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