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Chelsea VS Real Madrid: A Game of unpredictable Victory

it was a very nice game, chelsea used formation 4-3-3 using mendi as goalkeeper, tiego silver, rudijer, kante jorgiho, cueta, mount, chilwell, havart, werner all of them performed well silver performed excellently well, rudijer was spectacular cherisency was more composed kante was everywhere and werner was very fast the ball, harvart was very skillful the ball mount was great, jorgiho was very defensive and has a lot of passing, mendi was fantabulous saving benzema shot twice generally the all played a nice game even when pulisic entered in the second half was been fouled many times. even though chelsea had a lot chances which they ought to have scored but we thank God victory was theirs
meanwhile madrid was not at the top of their game hazard was no where to be found sergio ramos couldn’t even hold chelsea atttaker though modrick tried in the match but it wasn’t enough…well I commend the both team for their effort tonight we’ll played.


It was a great day having a London team winning the match qualifying for the final of the respect champions league cup. A match between a strong team of the Spanish league and a strong team also from the English league. Real Madrid and Chelsea respectively.
The LONDON team really played a match which worth the winning. In some cases we’ve seen that some matches are won base in luck but with the performance this guys put up tonight they deserve the win.

With their respective performance
Getting started with the team driver, I mean the Coach I give accolades to him. TUCHEL was able to drive out a very good piece of tactics for the match and it really helped. He understood the match well before it get started even.

Now to the players,
There was a lot of communication among them, which helped them really going. The team Spirit has really increased. They can now figure out their respective position and abilities. Kudos to them.

I hope to see more from them in the finals. THANKS


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