Three by-products of prayer relationship
-Dr Pastor Paul Enenche

Jeremiah 33:3

Basically the altar of prayer is the altar of relationship between man and God.
The place of prayer is the place where the relationship between man and God is serviced.
In all relationships, the quality of communication is a reflection of the quality of relationship.
When the relationship begins to break down, communication begins to break down.
The man is no longer talking to his wife as he should and vice versa because of a relationship breakdown.
In the same manner when the relationship between man and God begins to breakdown, prayer life begins to die down.

So Vibrancy of prayer equals buoyancy of relationship
However, prayer achieves beyond the relationship.

There are by products of prayer relationship. I will mention 3 of them.
When the quality of your relationship or the quality of our relationship is intact at the altar of prayer, there are by products.

What are the bye products of the Prayer Altar?
What does the prayer altar stand for as we have (maintain) relationship with God?

1. The Prayer Altar is an altar to call on in the time of need.
Hebrews 4:16
A call Centre beyond a relationship place.
You are challenged/confronted and you want to cry out? It’s the altar of prayer.

2. The Altar of Prayer is the Altar to go to in search of answers.
That is when there are questions to be answered, that is the altar to go to.
I believe this morning there are people that will locate answers.

3. The Altar of Prayer is the Alrar to go to in order to uncover mysteries.
Hidden secrets.
We are here this morning.
Meaning is…
First, As long as you are connected to the prayer altar. Church Gist.You are not permitted to be stranded, you are not permitted to be buried on questions, no mystery is permitted to remain a mystery.

When mysteries are uncovered, 3 things can happen.

1. When mysteries are uncovered people gain mastery
2. When mysteries are uncovered, miseries are dissolved. Behind most miseries are mysteries.
3. When mysteries are uncovered, victory is established.

What will we do this morning?

1. First of all, call on God where there is a particular need to be addressed.

Father here is this issue, this challenge.
I am in need of help in this area.

2. Ask Specific questions.
What do I do Lord to move this Church beyond where we are?
What do I do to explode in my financial supplies in order to be more useful in the Kingdom?

You have pen and paper ready for answers.

3. Demand for the exposure of any mystery around my life.
If there is any mystery I am not aware of, show it to me.
What is the mystery behind mysterious deaths in the family? Father Show it to me.
What is the mystery behind this labour without reward?
Show it to me…and the Lord will expose it.

Stand on your feet and let us go before God.

Until questions are asked, answers are never accessed.

Trust God that this remaining time will not end until questions asked have been answered.

First give him praise.
Father thank you for this morning
Thank you for your goodness and your mercy.
I come before you to receive answers

Father thank you for this morning
Thank you for your goodness and your mercy.
I come before you to receive answers.



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