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Buhari Destroyed Nigeria In 6 Months – Alhaji Balarabe Musa

Buhari Destroyed Nigeria In 6 Months – Alhaji Balarabe Musa.
1] $1 is equal to N261 today in Parallel Market.
2] Nigeria dropped from No 1 Investment destination to 7th in Africa.
3] Price of a Bag of rice jumped from N8,000 to N13,000.
4] 1,293,000 Nigerian lost their jobs in 5 months.

5] About N1trn paid out for Fuel subsidy and still no Fuel anywhere.
6] N25billion a day payment for REMITA swept under the carpet.
7] N5billion from Foreign reserved squandered.
8] $4.3billion external loan received in few months.
9] Billions of Naira spend on Salary bailout, yet workers and pensioners are still being owed [Used to thank those that sponsored Buhari’s campaign].
10] Elections results now are written in Buhari’s office, those that opposes the fraud are treated as criminals. Kogi and Bayelsa can say better.
11] Over N14billion spent in 5 months for President’s travel bills, yet not a single investor have looked at Nigerian side.
12] Freedom of speech is now luxury as list of blogger, reporters and newspapers owners that will be jailed have been complied. Plans total and is planning to destroy the South-south Geo-Political zone by sending their sons and daughters to prison…..including Jonathan.

It is a shame that the gains of Nigerian in 55 years is destroyed in just 6 Months. ‪#‎ChangeIndeed‬.
…Now 39billion for oil exploration in the north… smh

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