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Biography, Life and Ministry of Apostle Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmack Biography and Ministry

Apostle Joshua Selman is a seasoned teacher of God’s Word heralding a major move of God in this dispensation, he is indeed a voice of God to the youth, as his teaching ac captured young people across various Universities in Nigeria, which is the starting point of his influence as a minister of the Gospel, he is the founer of Eternity Network International (ENI – Koinonia) which functions both in Zaria and Abuja, it actually started with a Friday meeting in Zaria, where there was an outbreak of strange move of God, deliverance and liberation of human lives, fortunately this year (2021) Koinonia meeting proceeded to Abuja by the leading of the Holy Spirit.


Apostle Selman came from Jos, Plateau State in Nigeria, Africa. He was raised as a young child in Zaria, Kaduna state. He got born again at a young age, as a child in a Sunday school session, while he was in secondary school, he had various encounters with God, and visions revelation showing him what his future looks like; as a child, he grew up loving God passionately, which is evident in his ministry today.

He was fond of spending most time alone, even as a child, he takes more pleasure in reading and knowing God the more, than playing with his peers, when he had the encounter of the Holy Ghost baptism, he became exceptional, and started ministering to other studies in prayer, teaching, and his first major miracle was praying for a boy who cannot speak clearly (stammering) and he was healed.

This proceed into a major move of God, which kick started in his days as a University Student, he had various spiritual encounters, with angels, and there was a notable one recorded for 2nd of December 2002, where Jesus tapped him on his hand while he was yet asleep, and this encounter brought him a realignment which build him even more for the work of the Lord.

Fortunately, he had his University education at Ahmadu Bello University, (ABU) Zaria in Kaduna State Nigeria, and he studied Chemical Engineering, he also hold many meetings on the Campus, preaching the Gospel to students which was evident with miracles and the Power of God was available to meet the needs of the people.

Born: June 25, 1980 (age 41); Plateau State, Nigeria
Occupation: Gospel preacher, Teacher, Televangelist
Known for: Founder of the Eternity Network International
Nationality: Nigerian


His Ministry – How Koinonia Started;

His Ministry started when he was still an undergraduate in ABU, he hold meetings and prayer programs with tangible testimonies and move of God, been a passionate young man for God, he would go to various locations alone and cry out to God, to know the mystery of the kingdom, understand the value system of the kingdom, and build intimacy with the Holy Spirit, he would spend 8 to 12hours alone, praying to the extent that an angel will appear to him physically, the experience of the Supernatural realm became very tangible for him, but when the understanding of his calling and assignment came, was when he had a vision one night, while sleeping; he saw a crowd of people compacted together, they were yearling, crying and sobbing, saying. There is no food, no water he was so concern and compassionate about the people, and God help me in that vision to realize that he had the key to their situation, he had the solution and the people also confirmed it, saying to him; you are the reason why we are in this situation, then, he responded, I am coming to fix the situation, after which he woke up, that was when it dawn on him that he had an assignment for God and his people.

But there was yet another powerful encounter that has been the pillar for his ministry, and this was when Jesus appeared unto him, and stretched his hand towards him, and a great beam of light came upon him, this was the beginning of his transformational and apostolic impact in the body of Christ, as he said, Jesus told him; Wherever you go to minister, make sure you release a portion of that light into the people, and this as been happening for real, in every meeting of Apostle Joshua Selman, there used to be tangible manifestation of God’s people and the souls of men are truly revived and transformed.

This encounter brought an extra ordinary dimension of the Anointing upon Apostle Selman, and his level of spiritual understanding and discernment is not common, he operates like an angel in the realm of men. Having impacted God’s people across the length and breadth of the campus in healing, deliverance and miracles, Apostle Selman proceeded to founding Eternity Network International by the leading of the Holy Spirit, this started in March 2011 in Zaria, Kaduna state.

Prior to the time they opened the Koinonia center in Abuja, the whole world was drain to the mighty hand of God at work in Zaria, over the years, Zaria was not a special place, known all over the world, but through the impact of the ministry, many people travel from Abroad to worship and encounter the Power of God through the ministration of APOSTLE Selman in Zaria. Eternity Network international, host a program called KOINONIA (a Greek word for intimacy or communion) which stands to represent an Atmosphere of Building Intimacy, fellowship and partnership with the Holy Spirit, it has recorded many notable healing, miracle and tangible transformation in the lives of men and women.

Apostle Selman emerges from Jos Plateau State in Nigeria.

How old is he? (41yrs as at the time of this writing)Apostle was born on 25th of June 1980.

Who is Apostle Joshua Selman Spiritual Father?

This is a question, so many people have been asking over the years but Apostle has been mentored by many people, as he always say “AM A PRODUCT OF MANY GRACES” but some of those that he had mentioned and had encounters with, whether in the spirit or physical includes; Benny Hinn, T.L Osborn, Reinhard Bonnke, Bishop David Oyedepo, Morris Cerullo,Pastor Adeboye, Pastor CHRIS Oyakhilome, and many more.

Apostle Selman also run ENI School of ministry, by which they have trained and raised many people, both ministers of the Gospel in various ministries across Nigeria and beyond, and great rock solid fireful Christians.

Who is Joshua Selman’s Wife?

As at the time of writing this article, Apostle Selman is not married yet, however there was a picture of a lady that came on the social media last year, which was referred to as “Lady Sandra Areh” whom some also call “Selwoman”. See her picture below.

Who is Apostle Joshua Selman's wife? – Paragon Page

The message on her social media page reads thus:
“we all in Zaria, Nigeria and indeed the global Koinonia family can’t wait for the bigger celebration of the Apostolic union next year! Thank you for standing by Apostle through the year’s ma! You have sacrificed so much of your personal and private life just to support him into being the mighty man of God he is today. And we bless God because your sacrifice and support is evident in his life and ministry today!”

The wedding was meant to take place after the pandemic last year, but we are yett o receive about it for now.

Pictures of Apostle Joshua Selman;


The true net worth of this man of God can be quite hard to calculate, this is because asides assets and ministration earnings, there may be other hidden people that may feel blessed with the teachings of the man of God and end up gifting his fortunes.

With that said as of 2020 Apostle Joshua Selman net worth is estimated to be $450,000 per annum which is equivalent to N173,250,000 presently with the exchange rate of N385 to a dollar. He has an established ministry one of the influential and wealthy pastors in Nigeria.


As at the time of writing this biography, Apostle Joshua Selman has no private jet yet, but it is our prayer that he is able to acquire one so as to help facilitate his travels abroad and spread the message of Jesus Christ.


Apostle Selman was once a music director and coupled with his dexterity at vocal control launched him into the music scene and made him lead worship songs in church before he started his sermon. Some of the songs by apostle joshua selman include the following;
1) Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.
2) Ebenezer.
3) Have your way.
4) He leads me and guides me.
5) Here I am.
6) Stirring the water
7) I see the glory of the Lord.
8) I’m under the shadow.
9) You have taken all the shame
10) Let the fire fall from your altar to touch my body.
11) Nothing in this world could satisfy.
12) Your goodness is real.
13) Sujanah
14) You who reign and rule over all.


The Apostle Joshua Selman books are a set of pdf and eBooks and also has a number of magazines published by him. Some of his books include:
● A call to deeper realms
● Altars and Foundations
● A discussion on Kingdom truths
● A night of prevailing prayers
● The book of remembrance
● Activating breakthrough (the ministry of destiny helpers).
● Above the storms
● Accessing the deep things of God
● Activating breakthroughs
● Admonitions


Some of the quotes by Apostles joshua selman which also can be used as life points include:
1) “The price for all of God is all of you.”
2) “The birth of anything valuable is painful, that includes your destiny.”
3) “No matter the level of your anointing, respect age.”
4) “A spiritual man is one who places utmost value on God’s word”
5) “Your pain is a track record”
6) “It is risky to not know how to respond to life-threatening challenges.”
7) “If trees can hear, your unborn child can hear you.”
8) “Dominion is a joke to anyone who trivializes prayer.”
9) “God will always look like He will not show up until He shows up.”
10) “A track record is what validates you for qualification”
11) “Bible study without the Holy Spirit will turn you into a religious person. The goal is not to cram Scriptures, but to be an expression of God.”
12) “Something you do not know is responsible for your limitation”
13) “The level of your walk with God reflects in your love for people


There is no direct phone number to Apostle Joshua Selman anywhere but you can contact the Koinonia Public Relations Team via the following numbers:
1) +2348147214444
2) +2347087777765


The only way to invite the Apostle Joshua Selman to your program is by calling the public relations office and discuss with them on how to book a date ahead of the time that will be convenient by the Apostle since he is a very busy man of God.
To invite the Apostle, kindly contact the official Protocol line via these lines and you will be properly directed;
(+234) 07087777765
(+234) 08100289892
(+234) 09077777853

About Koinonia

Koinonia is a program that God establish through the hand of Apostle SELMAN, this program as brought tremendous transformation, especially to the young believers through the sermons and preaching, the sermons travel far and wide, there are even more people watching the program online than in the church, more downloads and sharing of the sermon is going on across the world and lives of men are been transformed for Jesus.

It is a weekly program slated for every Friday of the week and is hosted by the Apostle himself.

Koinonia has four main cardinal mission with which it uses to operate and they are;
1) To seek and to save the lost: it was launched to help in the salvation of human souls, through messages and sermons.
2) Equip and perfect the saints by the revelation of God’s word and the ministry of the Holy Spirit.
3) Demonstrating the power of the Holy Spirit through signs, wonders and miracles to confirm that Jesus is alive. This is conveyed when his presence is made manifest in worship.
4) To reveal the wealth of the kingdom and finance Gods end-time agenda: through the messages, there will be increase in the wealth of the kingdom and it will help to finance God’s end-time agenda.

Also the core values of the program are;
1) Faith.
2) Anointing.
3) Evangelism.
4) Character.
5) Intimacy and fellowship.
6) Purpose and kingdom.
7) Love.
8) Prosperity.

He is also the senior pastor of Christ Gospel Church located in Samaru, Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria.

You can follow the ministry on social media at Koinonia ENI, i really encourage you to be under the ministration of God’s servant, no doubt, your life will be blessed tremendously!

There are a lot of Anointed and Revelational Teachings of Apostle Selman, but Commanding Result is one of the best that i have listened to, You can download it here and be Bless!


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