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You saw a Dangote truck carrying cement, you went and set it on fire thinking you’re hurting an Hausa man..

Now let me tell you how stupid you are, the Dangote trucks are all insured, burn a thousand of them and the insurance company will pay for them all. What has Dangote to lose ? 


The cement the trucks are carrying has been bought or paid for by our Igbo brothers who probably took a loan from the Bank, he gets to hear about the news and he develops high BP, Now who is losing?

You went on Facebook and raised alarm that Aba is on fire, banks closed, markets closed, people became scared of coming outside to do business. 

Your brothers and sisters are indoors, no food for them to eat, their businesses are going down? 

Now tell me who is losing?

Before you come to tell me how stupid i am, think about this post.
Chidinma Ubani wrote

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