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Pastor David Ibiyeomie at Salvation Ministries, Home of Success on the topic “Divine Protection – Your Heritage” Part 4
I don’t talk about men of God.

It is a discipline I have, when you want to, I say carry your wahala and go.
God wants to protect His own.


1st Timothy 5:8 – Divine protection is simply God protecting His own.

It is the surest protection.
Every other protection is limited. Police dogs sleep, gadgets fail, intelligent services fail.
Human security is vulnerable. As powerful as Israel is, their one time Prime Minister was murdered. Human protection is limited.
Every human protection has it’s own limit but God never sleeps nor slumbers. God’s protection is the ultimate.
Why You Need God’s Protection

  • Because perillious times will come. 2 Timothy 3:1. In the last days, wickedness will increase and we are already seeing it.
    God says in the midst of all, you and I will not be victims.
    Shout it and say “I will never be a victim”. Isaiah 54:17.
    There are certain conditions that you need to meet for God to protect you. There are covenant platforms that requires you to take action to be protected.
    What to do if You Want God’s Protection.
  1. Change of residence. Psalm 91:1. Become spiritual.
  2. Bold declaration of God’s Word. Psalm 91:2.
  3. Trust God and refuse fear. Psalm 91:5-13.
  4. Love God. Psalm 91:4a.
  5. Have a personal revelation of the Name of
    Jesus. Psalms 91:14b.
  6. Understanding the power in the Blood of Jesus.
  7. Stay under the covering of your spiritual mentor, if you want God to protect you.
    God defends people for other people’s sake. He defended a whole city for David’s sake. Isaiah 37:35.
    May God defend you as I am talking in the Name of Jesus.
    No devil could kidnap Lot as long as he was with Abraham. As soon as he was separated from Abraham, his mentor, he was taken captive, lost his wife in Sodom, had all his properties taken up by fire and ended up in the cave.
    Be careful not to go outside the cover of your mentor if you don’t want to fall into the hands of your tormentors.
    Things You Must Not do With Your Mentor to Enjoy Covering Upon Your Life.
    A. Don’t be bitter and be resented towards him. Your mentor’s correction may be hard and his operations with you may look like they are very tough, they are calculated to bring the best out of you.
    Every coach shouts either in the match or during training. He loves you, that is why he is shouting, see it that way.
    Stop getting bitter with his progress.
    God cannot allow the anointing and grace upon him to protect you if you don’t value the person.
    B. Don’t discuss him in bad light with people if you want his grace to cover you. Numbers 12: 6-12.
    Miriam’s covering began to depart when she began to talk about Moses to Aaron.
    You are very immature if in the midst of provocation, you open your mouth carelessly to run down your mentor.
    Proverbs 13:3.
    C. Don’t be fraudulent with them. How can you steal your mentor’s money? Arrange with someone to arrest Him?
    Judas stole his mentor’s money and it destroyed him. Gehazi ended up a leper. 1 Thessalonians 4:6.
    D. Avoid arrogance, pride and rebellion when dealing with him no matter how close you are to him. Number 16:1-3, 27-30.
    God has a covenant with those He called. When you are around them, their grace covers you but you need to be careful.
    Absalom lost it because of his rebellion against David.
    The devil lost the covering of God because of pride and rebellion.
    You can be better qualified than your mentor, academically, more intelligent, more exposed but he remains your spiritual father.
    E. Don’t be crafty with him. Psalm 55:23. Stop having two faces.
    Be very careful how you relate with your mentor, you may be very close to him but draw the line.
    There is no way you will talk about David Oyedepo and I will be there. I will not take it from you. You can’t discuss him and I will sit there, I will get up and tell you, nonsense!
    The day you judge a man of God, the whole covering over your head will shift because you did not employ him.
    We are in a radical age where people say, I don’t care, we are all men of God. We are not all the same oo.
    I don’t talk about men of God. It is a discipline I have, when you want to, I say carry your wahala and go.
    You want protection, avoid those people. Pray for them and leave them with their wahala.
  8. Carry “lively stone” mentality. That anybody who dares you will be in trouble and anybody you dare will be in trouble. Matthew 21:44.
    “I am a two edge sword. You attack me, you are in trouble. I attack you, you are in trouble.” That’s whom you are.
    Say it after me “Whoever attacks me is in trouble and anyone I attack is also in trouble”.
    Live a stone conscious life.
    Any arrow they throw against you shall not work and if you decide to throw an arrow, it will work.
    The armed robber planning to attack me is in trouble.
    Carry that mentality.


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