-Bishop David Oyedepo at 1st Service, Faith Tabernacle.
*I started learning life lessons at the age of 8, as a child.
*Some parents even send children to Primary Schools outside the country.
*What an irresponsibility!
*Most return to the country as derelicts.
*We have zero tolerance for drug abuse at Covenant University.
*The things we complain look so ordinary but they corrupt your spiritual life.
Jeremiah 13:15-17
You know why people are thankless:
“God you should know that I am more than this! God if you know anything at all, you should know that I am more than this. No.”
“I am more than where I am now. God you should know. If you don’t know, find out”
“I should be more than this. All my friends have holiday homes in UK, in Canada. I don’t have one. I am only living here just in Lekki, what is that?”
PRIDE. People are ungrateful because of pride.
“I know where I would be now if I were not in this country. I know. I mean I should be next to World Bank President by now, but this country does not know the worth of people. I have a PhD Word Banking.”
Pride is a killer.
Pride is a silent destroyer.
You saw how many people were destroyed in scriptures by pride.
Nebuchadnezzar became an animal: this great kingdom which I have built by my might for the glory of my kingdom (Daniel 4:30)
The word was still in his mouth – now you are an animal (Daniel 4:31, 33).
Herod gave an oration, he was a very great orator and he was licking his mouth (Acts 12:21).
They shouted, “the voice of a god” – Acts 12:22.
God slapped him, an angel came and smote him; worms ate him up – Acts 12:23
Pride is a destroyer Sir.
The reason people are not grateful is as a result of pride.
“You see, I only have a bungalow. That my friend, my God, he has 3 houses in Ikeja, 4 in V.I, 5 in Lekki, 3 London, 3 in Washington near White House.”
Put your own inside White House.
My God, what is your problem? Pride!
I was earning 300 Naira per month in this Ministry at the beginning. Having a nice time, celebrating Jesus with everything in me. That’s not where we are today. Over to you. Don’t destroy your future. Be thankful!
You know most of the time you have problems with your car, it’s your mouth.
“This car is overdue for a change. I’ve told my husband before.”
Is your husband the manufacturer of a car?
“I have been using this car now for 8 years.”
Haah, 8 years is very small.
The car I was using does not need any horn, as it is going, you should know. It’s a locomotive engine. It is coming, you know, it’s announcing itself, “I’m coming.”
Praise God, Hallelujah.
There is nowhere in the world that I couldn’t take that car to: Government House, Peasant House. Anywhere. When I crack it, I mean you will know that I’m coming. You won’t have to find out who is coming. You should know.
-The good news is, now you have got the ladder, start to climb. You’ve got the ladder of thanksgiving, start to climb. You are on your way to your high places. Can I hear your loudest Amen!
In the Kingdom, we change levels by revelation – 2 Corinthians 3:18
It is by revelation that we change position. I am trying to say to you this morning, thanksgiving is one missing thing in the Body of Christ today.
Missing and missing.
-But it will never be missing in your life again.
A very good friend of mine, we were coming in from Capernaum and he said to me after we got to Canaanland, he said, “you have said ‘Thank You Jesus’, 72 times.”
Come on say, “addiction.” It’s an addiction. You are not looking for it. It’s inside you. Thank You Jesus.
You see traffic: Thank You Jesus.
Not oh God Nigeria, Nigeria: Is it only Nigeria they have traffic?
You see pothole in front of your house, you say Nigeria.
How? Every day complaining.
They look ordinary but when they get to your spirit, it goes to corrupt your spiritual life.
You know why some people ran out of Nigeria? Nothing works in Nigeria. Now ask me, “what is working for them now?”
One of the passion that birth Covenant University came when I sent someone to Aro (Neuropsychiatric Hospital) in Abeokuta many years ago and he said all the beds were full.
What is the matter? They bring young people from outside the country every day who have run mental through drugs.
Passion began to burn in my heart. Today, people don’t care Sir. You just dump a child somewhere, no concern. They return as derelicts.
Any child you can’t care for, don’t give birth to! You will give account tomorrow.
See how many destinies have been rescued now at Covenant University.
Taste for drugs: Dead!
You are found: they throw you over the fence. No room.
So others can fear.
I’m glad I obeyed God. Over to you.
Some even send children in Primary School outside the country.
Can I say this? What an irresponsibility!
I started learning lessons of life since I was 8, a child.
What kind of nonsense money do you have?
Today’s Children’s Day:
-May none of our children curse us tomorrow.
-May none of your children curse you tomorrow.
Thank You Jesus!!!


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