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stop using antibiotics in healthy animals and birds.

Currently in Nigeria have disease calling “INFECTION”.!!!
And the nurse goes ahead to give you a mixture of drugs that will help on the ” infection”.
But what should be done is to first do proper laboratory examination to identity which particular bacteria caused the infection, and which site in the body it attacks….but they just prescribe drugs anyhow !!!! In the future this is gonna cost us too much…..because all these drugs we are swallowing for the Infection are going to cause a change in the existing bacteria and they become resistant…..
if you are lucky, some other strong antibiotic will be applied but the unlucky one will have to prepare their WILL.


In the attempt to stop/ reduce antibiotic resistance, we are encouraged to avoid eating foods that have been grown using antibiotic growth promoters.

This has attracted my attention. As farmers, we have to play our own role. The drugs that we always used in our animals and birds end up being consumed by humans, reducing the effectiveness of the human drugs. Therefore we need to slow down on the use of antibiotics, but implement means of keeping our animals healthy with less antibiotics.

  1. We can improve hygiene in our farms
  2. We can effectively vaccinate our flocks against different diseases
  3. We should always follow veterinarians’ recommendations, and only give antibiotics that are prescribed when a veterinarian has diagnosed the animals.
  4. We can produce antibiotic free meat and eggs with the use of NON ANTIBIOTIC GROWTH PROMOTERS that can help to keep animals healthy and productive.

Over usage of drugs create super bugs, which will not only affect animals but also humans! And this problem can affect more generations to come!

Therefore, farmers are encouraged to implement proper biosecurity measures to curb disease from their farms, proper preparation of house before stocking, implementing hygiene practices on the farms, have a qualified vet to always check on your farm before things go bazzark , do proper supplementation on your animals and birds using NATURAL / NON ANTIBIOTIC GROWTH PROMOTERS.

So, stopping antibiotics resistance starts with me and you!


stop giving ARV’s to pigs

stop giving human capsules to poultry for cough treatment

in case of SWINE FEVER, do not give human capsules to pigs please….you are creating a big problem which your national budget may not be able to solve!

after use of a drug prescribed by a professional, do not keep the left over For future use please.

consult veterinary experts to help you in any disease challenge in your animals.

May the human medicine professionals do their part.


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