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I know a man who is the perfect definition of God’s blessings
As the sun has not fallen from the sky
I am yet to see a greater man
With his high integrity and audacity
That transforms workers of iniquity into epitomes of Christianity

I know a man whose conventions are characterized by a heavily saturated presence of the Almighty God
A man who gave me a bigger picture of what Christianity is all about through his songs
His passion is to see souls saved into the Kingdom of God and to see the earth filled with the knowledge of glory of God as the waters covers the sea

I know a man who stands by the principle of making impact in the world
A glorification of righteousness
He may seem like a man in the mirror of men
But God made him a reflector of honour and glory through the ends of the earth
Just as the wind blow from north to south
He speaks the word of God, healing every broken heart

I know a man of realities, God’s own masterpiece
He makes worshipping God a thing of joy and peace
A thing that comes from the willingness of the heart of a believer in any situation
As a mother will always enter into the fire to save her young
So is he ready to go to the length of preaching the word
And like a sculptor chipping away bits of wood
His words have re-defined me

I know a good-looking man whose level of wisdom is directly proportional to his height of authority and his sense of humor remains constant
One of the greatest gifts Nigeria has been blessed with
An embodiment of originality
A portrayal of Christ in human structure
Someone that extends the meaning of Christianity from being just a religion to something more powerful, more palpable, more significant and full of excitement
Like watching a man do what he does best
Words are not enough to describe the impact you have made, the lives you have changed and the stories you have turned around for good.
We love you.
A Dunamite,
Fortune Onyema.


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