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7 Ways To Firm Up Your Sagging Boobies

As you get older and bigger, the law of gravity naturally sets in in unwanted places which in this case are your breasts. Even though sagging breasts are a normal part of aging and are common after pregnancy and breastfeeding, no one likes to have their once firm breasts looking droopy.

While some women ignore these body changes and pretend they’re not happening (until they wake up one morning and feel even more depressed about them), others take action and start fighting against them with everything they’ve got…
1. Exercise
To firm up your pectoral muscles, exercise is key. According to Lady Care Health, regular push-ups are a great way for toning up the particular muscles. Another good exercise is putting up of both your hands with the palms joined together as if you are in prayer; now push both hands against one another to strengthen up the pectoral muscles. If you are really serious about getting back the perfect youthful figure then, bear in mind, that exercise do not have any other alternative.
2. Maintain your weight
Beauty science suggests maintaining  your weight is helps boobs stay firm as breasts are made of a mixture of mammary glands and fat. Yo-yo dieting can result in inconsistent fat gain or loss in your body as well as in your breasts. Consequently, part of the fat in the breast changes in appearance when you lose or gain weight, including inevitable stretching of the breasts skin. Hence, it is best to maintain a steady weight when you are dealing with sagging breasts to avoid drastic changes that your breasts will be subject to.
3. Support your boobs with the right bra
In choosing a regular brassiere for daily wear purposes, one should go for supportive/ underwired cups with an appropriate size fit. The breasts should not be spilling out from the cups nor should there be unsightly bra bulges. The band should feel snug, not too tight and not riding up in the back. The straps should feel comfortable without any slack.
If you are a sporty sort of person, wearing a proper sports bra will be an essential. The correct bra shouldn’t be restrictive but comfortable and breathable as you exercise. Any excessive boob bouncing should be avoided. Otherwise, the constant gravitational downward pressure will cause ligaments to overstretch and the breast to sag. Proper bust care and support will firm up sagging breasts and prevent them from drooping.
4. Breast massage
Regular breast massage can improve the blood flow to your bosoms and relieve lymphatic build up as well, which helps keep your bust healthy and your connective tissues strong. In other words, your breasts will be in a much better position to fight gravity and aging and stay perky and firm in the upcoming years. For additional health benefits, you can also massage with oils (olive oil, almond oil, jojoba oil and avocado oil, virgin coconut oil, camelina oil, pumpkin seed oil, emu oil) or skin firming lotions.
5. Collagen breasts masks
Pamper your boobs with a touch of gold. Go for collagen breast masks to tighten and improve the elasticity of your skin. This would firm and tone the breast skin and muscles, thereby lifting your breasts naturally and getting rid of that saggy appearance in a short time span.
6. Surgery
Get corrective surgery to fully rid yourself of that stubborn sagging skin. A breast lift tightens skin around the chest area and removes sagging tissue while working to lift and define breasts. A breast lift with implants restores fullness via silicone implants. Of course, surgery should be a last resort and only be pursued when all other procedures fail and you absolutely want to rid yourself of any sagginess.
7. Hot and cold water therapy
Petite Breasts advices that the next time you find yourself under the shower, keep switching the temperature of water from hot to cool. Two minutes of showering under hot water. Then one minute of showering under cool (or even cold if you can take it) water. Do this every day
if possible. Such therapy can improve blood flow (oxygen and nutrient supply) to your breast tissues as well as help with collagen production in your skin. And you already know how better blood circulation and improved collagen production can help your breasts be firmer and more perky. With that said, take it slow and easy (don’t start with too hot or too cold) until you get used to it.
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