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7 Ventures to Earn Money during Christmas Season

Nigerians love to buy, spent, consume and also spent extravagantly or flamboyantly especially during festive periods and of all the festive period in Nigeria (Perhaps in the world too) Christmas always stand out, the Birth of our Lord JESUS CHRIST is always a special season and time, not just for the church or spiritual systems but also for the Nation, economy, business, market and lots of stuffs involve in this very special time.

But then, i want to open your eyes to see how you can use this season to make even more money, there are a lot of business and money making ventures and opportunities in Nigeria today, you can plug into one of these opportunities during this season and make your profits, so How do we utilize Christmas Time to make even more profits in Nigeria?
Follow me carefully;
  1. Sell Chicken : This is no joke folks, in fact I am beginning to feel that we should rather tag christmas in Nigeria as “Chicken Celebration Time” because normally on a goo day, Nigerians eat more chicken even than snakes does, how much more during Christmas, there is such a crazy sale for Chicken, because according to the system and culture with which we were brought up, without Chicken (I mean, those tasty fried chicken) together with rice, your christmas celebration is not complete, apart from prayers in church, the next thing is Rice and chicken and Drinks at home, this as over the years turn into a culture and as a nation, we are now used to, so how do you earn during christmas? Few months (Like November or October) start raising chicken that you will sell during Christmas, one of the easiest way to  make Millions from Broilers Farming Business is during Christmas.
  2. Sell Clothing : Do you know another common style of celebration during christmas? It is the best of CLOTHING!!!! This is the time of the year when people tend to put on the best of Cloth and wear, i mean just the best! So if you are into Clothing Business, you need to buy more (probably import more latest from abroad ) to sell, people buy cloths like somebody will beat them, if they do not wear awesome outfits on christmas, this is yet another money killing venture in nigeria.
  3. Sell Recharge Cards:  Are you in Lagos or any other busy city in Nigeria ( I used Lagos, because i am sure of the market strength of the state), people makes a lot of calls during this time of the year, i mean whole lot of calls and transactions are going on, knowing fully well, that there will be holidays and people needs to put certain things in place so they will be calling their workers, staffs, employee, business-mates, loved ones, parents and all of that, this is a good time to make serious cash with recharge card business.
  4. Sell Christmas Accessories : There use to be a lot of purchase for christmas related accessories in this time of the year, including the christmas Cap, christmas Light, Decorations, Gifts items and even lots more, you need to just think well and come up with ideas, there are so many christmas related stuffs that are always high in demand during this season, buy some of them now before christmas time and then, you can make good excellent profits!
  5. Sell Drinks: Do you know Nigerians drink more fruit juice and soft drinks than they drink water? This is amazing yet it is the truth, Seasons like christmas help brands like Coca-cola among others to make the best of profits and sales, there is so much meetings and shows, carnivals organised here and there to celebrate the festive season so you know what? Get a good refrigerator, or buy blocks to make soft drinks cold and sell during christmas, there is so much cash to make with this tush business in a short while.
  6. Event Center Business : This is the time for event center and event planners, so many carnivals, musical concerts, shows comedy and stuffs like that, they prevail during this time so much, and if you are an expert in that field, christmas time is a business time for you.
  7. Food and Agric Business : Now, i had to repeat this one again, because i really want to show you, some pepe-cash in this line, Now Lagos State records not less than 2.3billion per day that goes to the Food and Agricultural Industry per day, this is the amount people spend on food and agricultural businesses on a daily basis, now my question what will then happen when Christmas comes? When the demand for food will double? People will want to eat more and then they just have to buy more…. This is the real reason why you have to be involved in the Food and Agricultural Industry, for instance; there are families in Nigeria who will buy 10 live weight broilers for Christmas, some prefer, beef some catfish, some dry fish, and lots more, when we look at stuffs like, rice, beans, drinks, vegetables, tomatoes and all of that, you see that a major area where money gush into during Christmas celebration is in FOOd and agriculture?
I just land you wisdom to go and make some good cash by the end of the year, please do make sure you share with friends an drop a comment below to add to this list.

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