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6 Things to do when you get Sacked

There is no being whoever wants to get sacked as it is not a pleasant experience. 

However, individuals who get fired accept the decision made by their employers in good faith. 

In certain scenarios, the situation hovers to the extent of involving local authorities.

 Getting sacked affects people differently but the effect it has are almost the same irrespective of the mode with which it occurred.

 To give explanations on the circumstances around leaving your last job could be tough and more so, the stigma that accompanies getting sacked is tremendous and leads to depression.

Another issue that comes up when people get fired is that of who was right and whoever was wrong between the employer and sacked employee.

 Such are known to stir up quite an interesting level of conversation with people naturally taking sides and then justify their choices. 

Being sacked is a saddening experience in the career-life of a professional.
Over the years, people who have experienced such have a developed a system to move on with their life when sacked. 

For many of such, this comes with some experience of handling such. However, there are people who are overwhelmed with this issue so badly that it affects their personal lives and careers in ways that can’t be imagined.

 There have been scenarios of people who have committed suicide after they have lost their jobs. Some have harmed themselves as a result of job loss and sudden unemployment. Below are listed some of the common issues people deal with when they get sacked.
  1. Bruised Ego: There are people whose job defines them as they derive a deep sense of pride in the roles they play. Therefore, being sacked would greatly bruise their egos, especially when their jobs are as a status symbol.
  2. Threatened Monthly Income: Being sacked from job is one of their biggest worries as their income is threatened as there will no longer be any to rely upon. One of the biggest reasons salary earners need to save more of their salary so avoid the problem that plays out after being sacked. Saving more of your salary would help have more in your bank account to fall back on if you ever have to deal with getting fired.
  3. Loved Ones are Affected: Dependents are affected immediately because the income that serve their needs are affected. It is not surprising to find a job loss accompany a crisis situation.
  4. Getting Stuck: One of the most scourging things that can happen to an employee who gets sacked is being unable to find his/her way back into another job. Looking at the scenario of an employee who worked in a production firm and suddenly gets fired without having any transferrable skill to aid the process of getting another job. The implication is that the sacked employee would have a hard time finding another job as his current skill set no longer fits into the newest requirements of employers. This in turn creates a big problem for the affected individual.
Tayo Opatayo, the Group Head, Human Resources at Rainoil Limited highlighted 6 tips that must be done if one ever get sacked, stemming from his years of experience as a professional. 

He explained that these tips help reduce the physical and psychological trauma that comes with being sacked.
  • Personal Time: He noted that one of the worst things sacked done by sacked people is that they sulk or luck themselves up in a room reeling in moments of regrets. Rather, what needs to be done is to find time for you; spending the initial part of this time on having reflections on how it happened. Also, do well to think about things you could have done differently. Screaming out loud or crying is aloud so as to help ease some tension. You could also go on vacation if its affordable, using the time to clear your head as it is a moment one needs to experience inner peace. You should engage yourself more in things you love doing like taking a walk, having chats with close friends, writing and also listen to music that lifts your spirit, motivating you towards making the next big decision.
  • SympathyGetting calls from and messages of sympathy from former colleagues, friends and loved ones are what floods you when you are sacked. You must be careful at this point as the last thing you need from people have nothing to offer is sympathy. What is needed most are career pointers that are able to help you and your next job. Your conversations with people who have more than pure sympathy to offer. Words that are predominantly used are Awwwww, Eyah Sorry o and these are not good for you as it tends to add more to the depression. In essence, you are expected to spend time people who have advice that can drive you forward. It is enough to feel sorry for you but it will not get you another job neither will it inspire you to recreate new dreams.
  • Use the situation as stepping stone: The next to do if ever sacked is to make a quick decision and not just seat crying and thinking. Do not be overwhelmed by the flames anger and prolonged rage. A bad mindset and perspective can never yield something good to benefit ones career positively. Also, trying to compare the employer who just sacked you with some of your previous employers wouldnt work either in getting a new job. So, you just have to focus on finding a way to channel them productively for your next job and better opportunities.
  • Ask Honest Questions: After youve had time clearing your head, the next thing to be done is to carry out a self-evaluation, asking yourself honest questions. Some of those questions should be based on career; like, how far have I come with my career? What are my targets? Do I want to start looking for a new job? What move should I make which relates to my career? When should I start applying for Jobs? In order to ensure this exercise is not in futility, you should consider using a pen and notepad for the questions. And after this, you should proceed to looking for answers to them honestly as you can. These sincere questions will sure help you make decisions as you step into another phase of life.
  • Look for Help: This is a point where you reach out for help in trusted friends who can genuinely offer you options to choose from as you make plans towards achieving your career. Do bear in mind that you should not cultivate the habit of sharing your challenges with everyone; rather pick people you will speak to about your worries and aspirations carefully and wisely. The scope of this is to have conversations with people who have the capacity to help you. Many have imbibed the habit of merely listening to the problems of others without offering any practical suggestion on how to move on.Another thing that would help is to try speaking to individuals who have experienced the same thing or have helped others navigate similar issues in the past. Success stories from such people have a way of helping you maintain a positive attitude and mindset. However, sharing all with individuals are moves that will help but the sole decision rests solely on you.
  • Be Courageous: You need to be courageous as this is what gives you the mental wheels to ride in the wilderness of a future you cannot currently see. Its alright to be worried and scared about the days ahead but courage will strengthen your resolve and keep you from giving up. But you must understand also that getting sacked in a number of situations cannot be overlooked and most arent ones fault. However, the beauty of losing one is that it leaves you open to many other you should or should have tried. So, getting sacked simply means you have a chance to get another job and has turned out for many as a blessing in disguise.
Finally, to be honest, losing a job has proved to be an opportunity to either get a better job or find out other very lucrative and interesting things one can do. As Opatayo put in his article, ‘Surviving Job Sack’, “we are not what happen to us.” So, have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to take a decision between resigning and waiting to get fired? What did you resolve to or what played out afterwards? Make a move to becoming the better you as getting sacked isn’t the end of your journey.

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