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5 Ways to Make Money Online doing what you Love

The true as been said, “If You like what you are doing, or you are earning a living from what you love doing  then work will become play” and research as proven that until you love what you are doing, you are not going to bring forth the best out it, so the place of Love, is non-negotiable. 

When I go for Make Money, Business and Internet Marketer Seminars, programs and meetings, i see people both Online and Offline, trying so hard and wishing to make good profits from what they do, and some are even frustrated, but the truth is, for you to emerge victorious and great in Life and Destiny, you must take delight in what you are doing, don’t be working out of frustration, this will not bring the best in you, and for those who are trying to earn a living on the Internet by working online doing what they love the most, i say Kudos to you Guys!

Today I’d be helping you find about The Internet Business system, how it works and how you can earn good profits working online from home and the comfort of your own room.

But before we begin to progress in this article, you need to also ask yourself Questions like, what do i love doing? What is my Gifts and Gifting? What is my potential?

Graphic Designing ?
Making Some Youtube Videos?

When you are able to come up with an answer as to what exactly your interest is, then our problem is half solved.

These are Ways by which you can Earn Money Online doing what you Love;

1. Join Fiverr : Do you know about the Fiverr Community?

 It is a one sure place for buyers and sellers to meet always, you can offer any kind of services for money on fiverr, ranging from article writing (you can make $3500 from academic writing on fiverr), you can also design ebook covers for amazon kindle books or other kind of books, graphic design, youtube videos and covers, SEO, Website design and development, application development and much more are all possible services available on fiverr that you can consider and list your expertise on, every services start from $5, but trust me, you can earn as much as you want. Consistency, good service and timely delivery to your client is the winning key on fiverr.

But no matter what your passion and skill is, there is a place for you on fiverr and you can always join and earn some good buck doing what you enjoy doing.

2 . Amazon : This is another good place to make money online doing what you like, now amazon is not a freelance website, it is solely an eCommerce platform.

On Amazon you can sell both soft and hard wares, books and stuffs that people wanna buy, just like eBay, there is a lot of transaction going on daily on amazon that yields profit, let me just touch a few of them.

Amazon Kindle : This is for book sellers, authors and writers, do you love to write books on just any topic of interest? then Amazon is just the best place for you to get that done. You sell books to millions of people around the world ranging from $0.99 to $2.99 and even to $20, now there are a lot of topics and issues of concern that people are buying books on, you can choose a topic of interest to you, and write a book on that topic and list it for sales on amazon kindle there is no end to how much you can earn with amazon kindle. Millions of Dollars are spent daily on kindle books and you can earn $10,000 monthly from the sales on your kindle books.

Amazon Stores : This is yet another popular aspect f amazon, which includes grocery stores, bag and wears, cloth accessories, gadgets and technology devices just name it, since amazon is primarily for sales, this stores make a lots of money daily, you can also list a product which you manufacture for sales on amazon stores.

Amazon Affiliates : I call this “Silently profiting from the wealth of amazon”, There are website owners, bloggers, and affiliate marketers around the world that just sit down in the comfort of their room daily to do few email and solo ad promotion on certain amazon products, and when it gets to the targeted audience, sales will be achieved. The truth is, with amazon affiliates, you can earn even $20,000 monthly, since there are millions of sales and purchase going on daily on amazon.

3.  Graphics Design is a Boom : Yes! That is very true, Graphic design is a big boom right now, if you are conversant with freelance websites and the search engine keyword tool, you will the volume of people who are daily on the outlook for graphics Designers, the world is becoming digital daily and that is why it is becoming a lucrative business venture, even though its like a craft and creative skill, yet, you can monetize it and earn a whole lot from it.

It’s a pity l see people around the world today who are good graphic designers yet they don’t know the potential in what they have, and how much it can yield for them, some of them are not even acquainted with business and working Online.

The truth is, Internet does not pour out money to you via your Laptop screen, No! It does not, it is what you do on the Internet that yield in return as money for you.

If you get down on Fiverr, you will understand what i am saying, in fact, with the look of thing in this very industry, it is worth you going to learn graphics design afresh to get yourself into the dollars available at this aspect of freelance.

You can make your job known by creating a website/blog for promotion and you list your portfolio there so that new clients can see your work and be convinced, you can also get clients and orders faster via Fiverr and other freelance website, knowing fully well that clients goes there always.

4. Blogging : There is a lot of Money in this industry and it is not as difficult as many people think it is, No! It is not difficult at all.

As far as am concern, Blogging is one of the best ways to earn good money online even while you are sleeping.

Residue income/passive income is one of the advantage that comes with working on the internet, you can earn even while you are asleep, i had to include blogging here because it is one of the platforms on the internet that helps you choose a niche of interest to you, thereby making your work to be fun.

For instance, i work and make good money online daily, so writing a blog on business ideas and make money Tips will not be difficult at all for me.

What do you know really well?

Are you a sport man? A Footballer? A Singer? A Farmer ? A Writer? Website developer?

Anything you have good knowledge and idea about can actually be blog on, and people who are interested will come and read, thereby making you good money and profits both via blog advertisement, ppc programs Google adsense (which is one of the best ways actually to earn with blogging), you can also sell books and promote affiliate products on your blog  and make profits.

5. Make Whole lot of Money on Youtube : Now, we are considering ventures of making money online doing what you love, or what you derive pleasure in doing, Youtube is a place for catching Fun, doing bigtime Business and earning millions of dollars.

Now the ideology of Youtube is not  a rocket science at all, you can make a lot of money on youtube making videos on various topics of interest to you, youtube are in various niches and interest, i have a friend who makes good cash on youtube uploading dance and twerking videos of herself.

What do you know how to do?

Get on youtube, manufacture a video in that direction and you are good to go!

You build audience on youtube by consistency, uploading videos, at least 3-times every week on the same niche, maybe teaching people to play the piano, or to cook certain food recipe or stuffs like that, in a short while, you will begin to gain audience and viewers, those that love your videos will subscribe and get your next videos, so how do you make money with this?

Adsense also runs a video ads that enables you to monetize your youtube videos and there are whole lot of folks  around the world who earns millions of Dollars from Google monthly via their youtube videos, you can also drop an affiliate link to a product that was review in your videos, for instance, if you are an affiliate on clickbank, you can make a youtube video on weight loss, if you are into health niche on youtube and review the product in your video, after which you drop the link at the description bar below the video so that people can click and purchase, if you have millions of viewers, the you would have build lots of profits from that one single video.

When it is a topic, you are acquainted with, Youtube video becomes a good way ot make money online doing what you love doing!

6. Sell On your Website : You must begin to think of creating a website of your own too, and sell some stuffs, if you have an incredible readership on your Blog, you can also use it for selling. You can be writing on Parenting, and publish an ebook on “Effective Parenting” which you can list for sales on your website. 

Selling is one of the best and most reliable ways to make good money online, there is a lot of money to make, when you are selling.

Because millions of people all across always hold their Mastercard with them while browsing, incase there is something very essential for them to purchase.

eCommerce as enhanced that, you can also develop an eCommerce website to sell products that are easily available at your disposal, or if you are a manufacturer of a kind of product and service, you can list them on your website for sales.

Advantage of selling Online is, you attract a Global Audience and make more money.

By the time, you try some of these ways to earn money online, you will have a success story to share i am sure, because they are really working for me.

Kindly share with a friend.


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