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5 Reasons You Should Quit Ponzi Scheme

As an experienced Man in the industry of Ponzi schemes(I used to be a firm believer in some Ponzi schemes too till I was shenked). I’ve to realize that they are all bound to fail and are only legit as long as they can pay some people.

Several Ponzi scheme have come and gone leaving millions of Nigerian in abject poverty, promising them outrageous returns in order to rip them of their hard earned money. Sometimes I just wish a Ponzi scheme can start and they will be forced to close up because nobody has interest in them but no, Nigerians keep investing with these thieves only for them to be scammed time and time again 


These are some of the reasons why you should stay away from Ponzi schemes/ Investment schemes that promises high Returns

1. They’ll go to any extent to hoodwink you into trusting them before they show you who they really are;

This is very common with Ponzi scheme, most of them don’t mind spending money to make them look like a saint in the initial stages of these schemes. Don’t fall for it. This is just to gain the trust of people temporarily before they release the noose on their necks.

They will go as far as paying celebrity (just like Racksterli) to market these schemes, forging certificate from several board too, paying huge referrer bonuses to get greedy marketers to market these schemes for them. All these are there antics to get greedy Nigerians onboard to those Schemes.

2. Most of these Ponzi scheme are created by Online fraudster who uses them as a way to accumulate undue wealth;


Ponzi schemes are manufactured by Online fraudsters that are not fazed about leaving a lot of people in tears to accumulate undue wealth to themselves.
Some chose to remain anonymous while the bold ones will reveal their identity to scam Nigerians because they know the system is weak and they won’t be prosecuted about it. Nigerians will even cheer them up for their money in the later future.

3. The mentality of an average Nigerian is forever ingrained in all of these CEOs(Trust nobody 

Nigerians are different set of breeds and a lot of Nations have us in a bad light because of the actions of the powerful Nigerians. There is a saying that “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”- John Dalbag. I cant agree less. A lot of money gives power and power will mess these people up and make go Scot free with your money and you won’t be able to do a thing. I can never and will never involve in any invesment scheme of a Nigerian cos most Nigerians will only whine about their leaders being bad leaders and bad financial managers and they’ll do worst if given the chance.

A lot of investment CEO’s after managing investment for a little way, you see them acquiring luxurious things and living large with people money. Of course, the next thing we hear after then is Crash .

4. Ponzi scheme won’t allow your growth in the appropriate capacity;

A lot of people that does Ponzi scheme limits themselves. They depend on these schemes to give them the passive income they can generate on their own. You hear statement like “it’s new, let’s take advantage of it”, “they are still paying”. Till it ends in tears and gnashing of teeth and another Ponzi scheme comes around.

Why do all these pyramid schemes when you can generate the returns these Ponzi scheme gives you and more if you invest in yourself. You can learn to trade the financial market, you can do affiliating, you can freelance, dropshitting and other ways of passive income. You just have to learn first and then you’ll earn from these things.

Spend money on knowledge, expand your horizons, test the waters, it might not be smooth but gradually, you will be able to generate wealth for yourself online.

5. Ponzi Scheme will never make you appreciate the process of Production and creativity in making money. Yes! there is no free money even in free town, robbing peter to pay paul will never give you financial freedom, for you to earn you must work, that is the appropriate laid down standard by God, but ponzi comes as a system that help you receive money for work not done, this is not appropriate, and when you get used to it, you will begin to see the process of working to make money as a slow, stressful and unhealthy chanel, whereas, that is the appropriate thing, you must be hardworking if you want to be rich in a clean way. There is dignity in Labour, if you want to be successful, you must be creative and productive, you must deploy your potential to solve the problems and needs of people around you.

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