2 Types of Facebook Ads Account you should know!

Don’t read this if you are not interested in securing your Facebook ad account from unnecessary banning.


1. Post-paid (dollar account)
2. Pre-paid (naira account)

1. Post-paid: Just as the name implies “post-paid” this simply means payment after service. Facebook will give you the liberty to advertise first then payment comes afterwards.

Most people love the post-paid account, simply because it’s highly convenient and most importantly it comes with the luxury of advertising threshold. Thus you can decide to pay now or at earliest convenience.

The truth is, if you are from a Third world country like Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya etc.

This is the most dangerous type of account you should be operating on. In fact this is one of the key reasons why most people account get disabled.

Here are the simple reasons why you get disabled even for the silliest reason, in fact even when you’ve done nothing! I mean nothing!

A. SENSITIVITY: The sensitivity of post-paid account is often too high. Facebook want to be sure that you won’t run away with their money.

That’s why when you delay to pay your debt on time they may decide to reduce your threshold or keep revolving you around the same threshold without increment or disable your account. Cause you have been perceived as low quality investor.

B. TRUST: If you have always notice, when they increase your threshold to a certain limit, they end up banning you after you have made payment.

That because they have trust issues with you, and from your advertising history they are scared you may run away with their money when they entrust you with a much higher threshold.

C. SMART: A lot of people try to outsmart the system at some point, when they owe a lot of debt and their ad is no longer profitable, they dump the account and move unto the next one.

Facebook don’t want this, and they are careful to filter out advertisers. Thus; the reason why the security of post-paid account is highly sensitive.

D. SPAMMERS: Most people has already spam this privilege, in fact most people love using this method just in case the ad is not profitable they decide not to pay or if the they get banned in the beginning and they have nothing to lose.

Thus Facebook has really increased their bot security to detect such advertisers… In the process the quality ones may fall victim too. Bot are never perfect in most scenarios.

CONCLUSION: I can keep going on and on, but in summary, if you really want to secure your account avoid post-paid account. They may look promising, but it’s a big trap!

2. PRE-PAID: Simply put “pay before service”. There are no unnecessary security measures set under this type of account. It’s Almost 100 percent opposite of what I wrote about post-paid.

The major reason people don’t use this type of account quite often is simply because “they claim that it doesn’t convert well for conversion ad”.

I understand quite well, but the truth is, there are some few settings you can do with your account and it convert even far better than the dollar account.

Though this is a lesson for another day.

CONCLUSION: Considering the high exchange dollar rate and the 100 dollar limit imposed on international transaction, naira-prepaid account is the best option that can get you out of all these mess easily.

(TIPS: while making your payment; only use the local payment option).

Again, this is the only type of account you can manage for ages without getting into debt issues with Facebook. ). Finally, there’s little sensitivity in here compared to post-pay. Oops!…



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