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15 Profitable Ways Nigerians Earn Money in Lagos State

 Nigerians are potential people, No matter where we found ourselves, we are hardworking, strong agile and well doing in whatsoever endeavors we find ourselves. Development taking place in Lagos Nigeria Today can be traced down to the fact that it as once been the capital of this country, i know Lagos is rugged and the population density is huge even though it increases daily, most of Nigeria Business giants and startup are all located in lagos, because your investment is sure to turn into a good profit right there, there is a already waiting market for whatsoever you are producing, a good loving people, a peaceful environment, a working government, growing population, and the most ethnically diverse people around the world can be found in Lagos State Nigeria.

In recent times, getting Jobs in Nigeria as not been so easy, and in view of that many youths opt in for business ventures, this as make various kind of small and medium scale business abound in Nigeria as a means of keeping livelihood on.Recently, Lagos as grown into a big city and its now like a republic and a mini-Nigeria, as a matter of fact if you have not gotten to lagos in Nigeria, and you live in Nigeria; you are missing out a lot o deals about this our dear country, because Lagos state is the most popular city in Nigeria today, it contains almost all the ethnic groups in Nigeria ranging from yoruba, igbo, hausa, edo, efik and so on; another awesome experience in lagos is that Lagos is a city that supports the high and low class citizens in Nigeria.Your Business is more secure in Lagos than anywhere else in Nigeria, because there is a ready market that buys up your product fast!There are various businesses that survive and blossom in Lagos through which Nigeria youths earn money and some are already making a living from them, today I will be listing some of them, so that if you are relocating to lagos soon or you are a student who will be graduating soon, this article will go a long way to help you and empower you with knowledge of what  you can do and what works in Lagos.


Here are some of the ways By Which Nigerians Make Money in Lagos

Businesses that flourishes in Lagos;
1. Food and Restaurant Business : Everybody eats, and in a busy city like lagos state, majority don’t have the time to eat while they are already up to their various work centers in town by 4am, so if you can cook and manage a restaurant well, then you can be sure of making fast money in a place like Lagos; because the population is very high.

2. Shows and Events : If you are good inn occasions and event planning activities, Lagos will be a good place for you, because lagosians love party, shows, occasions, events and so on, they almost can’t do without it, so that is a winning key for some wise Nigerians, you can have an awesome event hall or probably gather knowledge on event planning and management and Lagos will become an hotcake for you.

3. Club and Bars : Lagosians clubs like mad! I can say its one state where most of the clubbing and party activities takes place mostly in Nigeria, if you are into this particular kind of stuffs, then Lagos as a lot of millions to offer you.

4. Vegetable Farming : Recently, some wise youth gathered themselves to start up a vegetable farm in a close land to the sea and they were able to channel water to their farm through irrigation and by so doing, they were able to make fresh vegetable available to Lagosians and make profits at the same time, many people in Lagos are looking for fresh vegetabales like efo, ugwu and so on, if you can start this business then you can make profits from it.


5. Cyber Cafe : This business will always triumph, technology as eaten up into our society, life, nations and daily endeavors and every now and then we will have one thing or the other to do on the internet, so many people visit the cafe today to get some of their work done, assignment and research findings are some of the reasons why people also visit cafe, during external exam seasons (Jamb, post jam, admission processing) and so on, cafe in Lagos are busy making serious money, you can visit a cafe in lagos during this season and you will daze the the huge people you will find there, and with a good internet service over there, there is a lot of money to be made!

6. Poultry Farming : Anywhere in Nigeria today, Poultry Farming always stand strong! However, lagos as more potential been a commercial center with  a huge ready to buy’ population, big farms and companies like Shonga Farms Holding in Kwara state process their broilers through the abattoir and send it down to Lagos for market, so if you are in Lagos; then there is no limit to how much you can sell and make if you are into any form of poultry farming business, whether egg or meat production.

7. Retail Small Business : There is a lot of businesses you can do in this line, it is a two way business; . you can buy goods in bulk and sell them bit by bit to interested customers, you can also earn some petty trade, produce what people need daily in small or large quantity based on your capacity, stuffs like cosmetics, toothpaste, tomato paste, salt, sugar, liquid soap, paints, and household items will sell fast in Lagos state.

8. Recharge Cards : Here is those people you find every now and then at various bus stop in Lagos, they are the one that saves us from running out of airtime, been a busy business center in Nigeria, there is a lot of calls and calling to be done in lagos, and every now and then people buy so much recharge card to keep in contact with their family, friends, loved ones and business partner, the business is relatively cheap to start if you are willing.

9. Tutorials : Many good brain Nigeria youth have capture this particular business venture in Lagos and you too can start, the ideas is, most Nigeria graduate that are academically good, often time decide to start a tutorial center in lagos after trying to get a good job which is not forth coming, on the longrun, some have already run tutorial on the campus and they have seen how lucrative it can, so they just extend it when they graduate and its making good profits fro them.Every year, Nigeria as a whole lot of new students coming in, into higher institution and all of them want to gain admission by all means,  they began to look for tutorial centers to attend so that they can pass, and in a place like lagos with a massive population, anybody in this business can make so much money sweatlessly.

10. Car Washing Services : Do you ever imagine the number of cars, truck, buses, and transport devices that passes through the street of lagos daily?Its no small at all, and the weather condition in Nigeria is seasonal, right now today we are in a very dusty season, when cars will get so pretty dirty in just less than 10mins drive, so those that are into car washing services, its their season of serious profits, you too can give the business a try, and you will even employ so many people that will be washing the car while you pay them.

11. Importation Business : So many things are strongly needed in Lagos, if you can target one of those things like (Cloths) and import them, there is a ready market that will buy it from you fast!

Even other states in Nigeria do come into lagos to buy some of these items, if you are based n Lagos, you can start importing goods and selling them here and you will make such a great profits.

12. Computer and Technology Gadgets :  Just like i talked about (cloth) in the importation above, another highly demanded product in Lagos today are technology stuffs, phones, gadgets, computer both laptop and desktop, especially laptop.You can start importing some of this products from their manufacturer anywhere around the world and you sell them off in Lagos.

You can only imagine the number of Nigerians that uses smartphones today and the demand increases everyday especially with the invention of great technology today that brings about different kind of phones with new features daily.

13. Internet/Online Business : Many Nigerians that are so sophisticated are now making good profits from internet business, gone are the days of doing yahoo yahoo” we now have many profitable internet business that pays well.Great ecommerce companies like jumia, konga, payporte and so on, are still exploring the potential of internet in selling of goods.Even small individual writers, bloggers, web designers and graphic designers among others in Nigeria today are making such a great income on the internet by rending services online, linda ikeji, seun osewa, Jide Ogunsanya, AKin Alabi, Adesoji Adegbulu, Jobberman are some of the young great Nigerians that are making good profits online daily.You can give the internet kind of business model a trial.

14. Transportation Business : This list will be so incomplete without talking about the haulage business, do you know this is one of the major activity that goes on in Lagos state today.

Transportation both by land, sea and air, you can get capital and start your own venture too, and if you have enough capital you can finance it with others do the work and you get your money without doing anything.First time daily in Lagos, is that people are busy rushing to get to their work and various destination, so you see places like mushin, oshodi and so on, filled with crowd of people that wants to get bus to their working place, my friend that crowd means a whole lot of money to be made! Get Ready to start making good money in Lagos now!

15. Catfish Business : Here am not necessarily talking about those that are into fish farming business, but even at that, we now have so many business ventures that have come forth from fish business in Nigeria and lagos is a major player.For instance; there are now many pepper soup centers, barbecue shop that makes a lot of profits daily from their businesses, and all of them is a result of catfish business, they all survive because catfish farming is making waves in Nigeria.You can make your choice,whether to start catfish farming, or start one of the fish processing business that can also  make good profits for you.

Thank you for reading our article today, we look forward to a Nigeria where no poverty abounds.I am sure this article as been an eye opener for lagosians and Nigerians?Kindly share your own perspective with me or drop more businesses, that you felt should be on the list below in the comment space.
Kindly help an unemployed youth in Lagos, by sharing this article on your facebook, twitter, you can also print it for them.

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