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  1. Avoid having dirty water troughs. Dirty water or dirty troughs are the origin of eschelicia coli that causes death, production decline, and losses
  2. Avoid having insufficient water space. This can lead to complications like visceral gout( caused by poorly excreted calcium. This causes accumulation of Urates in the kidneys and deposition of urates around the viscera), poor digestion( water availability helps to soften the food for better enzyme action. Water as well helps in absorption and transport digested nutrients to where they are needed), poor growth and poor production.
  3. Avoid having insufficient feeder space. This causes competition between the birds, causing survival for the some birds will not eat and this will lead to a very bad uniformity and low weights. Production peak will not be reached.
  4. Avoid having insufficient litter in nests leading to dirty eggs , damages, and egg eating. We should also ensure that we create enough darkness in the laying boxes to avoid incidences of cannibalism.
  5. Avoid inadequate ventilation.the ammonia smell from the house can cause chocking, pneumonia and other respiratory complications.
  6. Avoid the tendency to give too much medication. Try as much as possible to be organic. Use of too much drugs creates resistance of the disease causing agent to chemical drugs.
  7. Avoid wrong medication due to wrong diagnosis. Always consult a vet or take your sick bird for a proper postmortem to examination to Makerere laboratory. Buy drugs from genuine suppliers and complete the treatment as prescribed by the veterinarian.
  8. Avoid having the feeders too full or improperly adjusted so that feed is wasted. At times you may think it’s very less feed pouring but even if you are losing 5 g from every bird, you will feel the effect when you have a big number of birds. Use the right feeders, and right drinkers.
  9. Avoid allowing weeds or tall crops to block airflow from the poultry building. These block air entrance and attract birds and snakes that will scare and cause stress to the birds.
    Other causes of stress include debeaking, vaccination, environmental changes like too much heat, rain, counting, transportation, etc.
    Anti stressers will be of helpful in such stressful conditions.
  10. Avoid allowing lice and mites to build up enough to cause drop in production. These are external parasites that feed on the chicken blood. They cause stress, poor growth, poor production.
    Use of ultravin and grenade and anti stressers will relieve birds from the effect of mites.
  11. Avoid failure to follow vaccination program.never use a vaccination program that was not given to you by the chicks supplier.
  12. Avoid promoting cannibalism caused by overcrowding, lack of feed or water space and inadequate ventilation.

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