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10 Profitable Business Ventures in Nigeria You Can Invest and Make Profits

So in a short and straight forward, i want to list the Top 10 lucrative business in Nigeria that anyone can start with sufficient capital and knowledge to make profits.
I am one of the few Nigerians that believes starting a business and encouraging entrepreneurship is a way to protect the future of our nation, looking at the population of Nigeria as a country, it is obvious that business will do well here now and even in the nearest future; it is obvious that the economy of this nation will favour the business owners the more.

Another reasonable reason why business is doing pretty fine in Nigeria today is the state of the over-reliance on oil and gas and the unemployment that continues to affect the youth and young school graduates.
I always encourage youths especially those with fresh potential that as been partially discover and those with gifts, potentials and ideas that are yet to be explore.
Another primary assignment of any business venture all around the world is to meet the needs of men, and people are always in need so when you have what they need, you can be sure of making good income in return, so out of my observation in Nigeria and africa at large, i am hand picking 10 stable business venture that are super profitable and as been lucrative consistently over the years.
You can pick one of them and start up a venture;
  1. Poultry Farming : This is a business venture that as never run dry, animal protein is one major concern in food nutrition in this country today, so if you have a supply onn ground, you can consistently make repeated profits and let me blow your mind a little, do you even know that currently in Africa and specifically Nigeria with the high raising population, you can’t meet up with the demand for poultry products; like egg, chicken and so on. You don’t have to start with too much, if all you could afford is 500 layer birds, then you can go ahead and make some profits from egg production.
  2.  Maize Farming : Do you know maize is one of the most consumed grain  for man and also for livestocks? There is virtually no livestock feeds without maize as one of the major component, however maize is still a little seasonal in Nigeria untill the fadama farming project becomes a reality, however the raining season is fast approaching, most of the food stuffs that are bought in a grocery shop are made from maize, this is yet another business venture in Nigeria that is making millionaires, planting maize is not a difficult task at all, as one maize seed can produce another 2,000 drop of maize in a bunch, so imagine how much maize you are getting in run if you plant a hectare of maize farm?
  3. Importing Used Cloths : Do you the so called “Tokunbo” is a big venture now in Nigeria, basically because of two tangible reasons 1. Many people prefer the UK, China used cloths because it as the modern design on it and its kinda fancy so to say’ also they are pretty cheap to get, so an average Nigeria will go for the imported cloth since he couldn’t afford new one and the truth is we have such an attractive market waiting to buy your cloth in the industry already.
  4. Internet Business : Take it or leave it, it doesn’t change its standard, the web is increasing daily and many more people are beginning to understand the power of information and the internet as a major resource center to get just anything you want, that is why we have more bloggers, webmasters, web content creators, small business and enterprises running online, companies like konga and jumia are the giant africa shopping mail currently and they have mastered the web for profits, so many folks in Nigeria buy stuffs online daily, but yoiu don’t have to be an online shopping mail before you can partake of the internet profits and start a web business model, there are many ways you can get started, like blogging for example is a good start, can you write article well? Then consider blogging, and you could monetize your content with adsense and make profits while you work at your comfort from home.
  5. Snail Farming : Do you know snail farming can be a good and stable business venture for you? I know a whole lot of folks are not aware of this, but friends am here to open your eyes to some things, really after reading this article, you will not like to search for a job again, because there are many resources that are lying fallow around us and some or most of them, we can explore and create wealth via it, click here to read more on snail farming.
  6. Pure Water Production : Do you know people cna’t do without water? That is exactly why pure water is a sure and ever viable business venture in Nigeria, its an every body business, go to campuses, market centers, church, school and youth societies you will be amaze at the rate at which people rush to get pure water, its never a down time business, it is a ever flourishing business venture.
  7. Fruit Juice Business Ventures : Any business that requires agricultural material as raw material will always do pretty fine in Nigeria, why? Because we have the resources wasting in this country, how do i mean? Making fruit juice is a little capital intensive; however, it can be well done with the abundance of resources in Nigeria, chivita, coca-cola are some of the fruit companies that are enjoying this business today, you can be the next.
  8. Livestock Farming : When animal farming is consider then be sure you are on your fast way to wealth accusation, i have talked about poultry at the beginning of this article but poultry is not the only profitable animal production venture in Nigeria and all around the world…, there are any like pig farmig, cattle farming, snail farming, guinea fowl, rabbit and grasscutter farming, so many of them you can equally choose one of immerse interest to you and build a business around it, most of them are highly demanded for in NigerIa market.
  9.  Oil and Gas :  Of course an average Nigeria even at the age 10, knows that oil and gas is one major wealth streaming venture in Nigeria, though as much as i dont like to emphasize much about oil business in nigeria as there as been too much noise around it already and its because its profitable,  but what is the mystery behind it? Its simple! People in Nigeria use one product of crude oil or the other, most ventures in Nigeria and commercial industry requires power, so most of the products and resources from oil and gas are used to power most of the gadgets engines and machines, but there are many aspect of this venture and it can be a little bit difficult for an investor to choose which area he really wants to focus, but having a petroleum station and a kerosene station for instance; can be a very goo d starting point for any interested investor.
  10. Food Production : So our po[pulation is growing geometrically and its like, we can’t sustain base on the level of food production in this country last year and therefore; there is a need for more food production business analyst, agriuclture is the major sector that deals with food production in this country, so you can monitor it and master it over time, agriculture is not a difficult venture at all, is one blog in Nigeria that as proven to be committed to that aspect of the country; you can visit the blog and get some resourceful information on agriculture and food production there, i believe not everyone wants to be in agriculture so you can just strategize your own food production business in this way, get food from farms or north (as most nigeria food are massively production from the north and send down to other states), you can just situate your own food store and import food from northern states to your state and sell at both wholesales and retails, a good example that can help you get started if you like food production, marketing and distribution business, is to have a egg store shop where you buy egg from poultry farm and sell to public for consumption, in this case, you will see that you have escaped the farm stuffs and yet you are into food business and making profits at the same time, that is how it works.
That is a list of ever rising business over the years that we have observed and we ave tested and have approve that these are ever green venture that won’t go down anytime soon, i hope you find this article useful?
You can do us a favour of sharing it with your friends, we want it to get to every Nigeria youth both at home and abroad that are interested in starting up a business, as we understand that the future economy will largely depends on entrepreneurs and not governement.

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