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10 Most Common Slangs in Nigeria

Slangs are the best things that spice up conversations, it takes small talks to deeper levels and even builds friendly relationships. 

Nigerians are naturally funny people who don’t joke with cool slangs, we have slangs for everything you can think of because really, there’s no point taking life too seriously; especially now that Trump has won the US Election, Lol.

Here are 10 common Slangs we use in Nigeria that makes us want to really thank whoever invented slangs.


Our very own Cross River people on this one. This is a slang that means “Please ” in a lot of ways, like that time when someone is trying to act smart and says saying stupid, as a real Nigerian, you just say “Mbok, shut up”

Because saying “Wow” is too mainstream! We are Africans, we love to add our own sweet twists to things, so “Wawu” is the slang when you hear or see something too interesting.
3.Iffa Hear

When we just don’t accept something, we either argue on and on or just say “If i Hear”. That’s a slang for when we totally disagree with something.

Because Marijuana sounds too serious, we just relax and call it “Gbana”.

This literally means “Look at This”, an Igbo word that turned into a sweet slang. It is the correct slang we use when someone is saying and doing too much nonsense. “This one thinks he is fine, negodu!”

Popularly used in place of “abroad”, when a person travels out of the country, then we say they have “Janded” but no worries, they will all be coming home now that Trump has won the Election.

This one is sister to “Mbok”, only that it’s the igbo version. Everything rude, dismissive and sweet sometimes, starts and ends with the slang. Like that time when you are scrolling through your Twitter feed and you see your ex’s tweet “Biko Shift!”
8.Fall Hand

This means “disappointment” on every level, when you are expecting something great to come out of something and you get hit with a bad news, then whatever it is just “Fall Your Hand”
9.Park Well

Our way of telling someone to get his act straight and face his business, when people try to disturb us or do stupid things, we simply tell them to park well.
10.Go and Sit Down

Everybody annoys everybody these days, we’ve got the perfect slang for this, when someone is just not making any sense, we love to use the slang “Go and sit down”, literally; that means they have nothing good to say and they are looking stupid standing up.

Another thing trending right now, is E CHOKE, E SHOCK YOU, CUT SOAP FOR ME, FREAKY FREAKY,

Slangs are the little things we use to make a gist more interesting, Nigerians absolutely love these slangs



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