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10 Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow In Nigeria

Instagram has become the online photo album where people now go to and post pictures and short 15 seconds videos about their lives and everything they find interesting.  That is not just what makes Instagram a place to be, they are people there desperately seeking for attention, so the post anything and everything just to get that attention. 

It’s not that bad because as Nigerians we’ve found a way to make fun out of any bad situation, so the comedians post amazing funny and inspiring videos just to keep you entertained at every minute. 

Here are the 10 Instagram accounts you need to follow in Nigeria, you will be entertained, educated and informed.

1. @AlibabaGCFR: He’s number one on our list. He is the Grand Comedian Of The Federal Republic, what you will get from his page is just sheer spontaneity. From inspirational quotes to funny memes and his custom #RoyalPurple post.

2. @DonJazzy: CEO Mavins Records has an amazing 1.4 Million followers which he shares pictures, funny memes, videos or anything else he finds interesting on the internet. Not forgetting his occasional sharing of freebies.

3. @Bellanaijaweddings: This handle is one part of the amazing blog They have about 1.1 Million followers and they share amazing pictures of weddings that will make you want to get married. If you are getting married soon or you are looking for inspiration for your wedding this is one account you should follow.

4. @Crazeclown: This guy is surprisingly a Doctor based in Ukraine, he doles out funny video with his cohort Tega (Tegaa_) They are both hilarious and witty, their videos will definitely make you cry while you laugh. Crazeclown has about 781 thousand people following him while Tega has about 169 thousand followers.

5. @KelechiAmadiObi: This gives nothing but pure professionalism when it comes to photography. Your mind will be blown if you follow this handle. He is one of the patriots of photography in Nigeria. From celebrities to models to nature Mr. Obi will keep you updated with some beautiful pictures he takes himself.

6. @Funny_African_Pics: This is the headquarters of all the funny memes, they’re relentless in making you laugh. They post everything funny under the planet. Follow them and laugh off! With 740 thousand followers they are surely doing a great job.

7. @Genevievennaji: She is one of the very few Nigerians to be verified on Instagram, She shares lovely pictures of herself and behind the scenes footage of whatever project she is working on at the time. She will blow you away with her flawless beauty. 1.3 million people follow her. Such an amazing woman!

8. @Pulsenigeria247: Do you want to laugh at what Nigerians are saying in interviews? Pulse TV has got you covered. They post hilarious stuffs on a daily! Give them a follow and you will never regret it.

9. @AphricanApe06: This guy is hilarious! with 273 thousand followers he swaps into the role of an African mum and delivers it perfectly. Every video is a sure guarantee to make you laugh.

10. @Instablog9ja: Well, if you need news and hot gossip, this is one account you should follow. Sorry to say, Linda Ikeji does not post her gossips on Instagram, so you can follow this handle in her place.
So there you have it, the amazing accounts you should follow on Instagram. If you think I missed any, please drop a comment below and I will rectify it ASAP!


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