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10 Fun Things To Do At Home With Your Kids This Christmas

With the economy biting hard this period and a long list items to spend money on, we’re providing you with less expensive ways to have fun with your kids and their friends. The more the merrier.

Indoor Ultimate Search
Create your own version of Gulder ultimate search and call it indoor ultimate search. Hide a toy or that treat that your toddler loves and get him to find it. Shout out ‘warm’ when gets close to it and ‘cold’ when moves far from it. You will be surprised at how much he will love this game.
Boogie Time
Have fun dancing to your favourite jamz with your toddler. This gives you another opportunity to shed some calories. Your tot will enjoy copying some dance steps from you and you both can even take on a keep-fit video together.
Coin Rubbings
Place a thin sheet of paper over a selection of coins and assist your tot rub over them using wax crayons or soft pencils to create pictures. You can cut out the pictures to use as play coins, and to also teach your child numbers and money.
Spring Cleaning
Ever seen the Disney film springtime? Then play out the roles of rabbit with roo. Your tot will be excited to help you clean the house. Just assign him to some light dusting, sweeping or even washing up and watch him have fun.
Face Painting
Get into the spirit and let your little paint their faces. Don’t forget to take pictures.
Hide and Seek
With any amount of space that you have in your house, be it small or big, you can enjoy a hide and seek game with your tot. This is a great way of using up your tot’s energy and getting him to practice being still and quite.
Sink or Swim
Have fun teaching your tot in a way that he can easily understand and enjoy. Fill a bowl with water, then choose a selection of objects; coins, teaspoons, sponges, stones, paper etc. Drop them into the water and let your toddler guess if an object will sink or float.
Guess Who I Am?
Dig out some props and costumes and help your little one dress up to see how many different people he can be. An old net curtain makes a bride’s veil, a mobile and briefcase is an office worker. This game will stretch his imagination and yours too.
Pop Idol
Make musical instruments by beating a saucepan lid with a spoon, or filling a lidded container with rice as a shaker. Teach your tot to bang or shake to the beat. Pick a name for your band and practice a show to perform for dad later.
I Spy
Practice guessing colours with this old favourite. Say “I spy with my little eye…. something the colour green”. Your tot has to name all the blue things he can see, until he guesses the one you’re thinking of. This is a good test of his colour and object recognition skills.
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